advice on a decent helmet?

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  1. Here in Thailand I've come across two kinds of integral helmets, the (too) cheap kind that's practically worthless, and the (too) expensive quality helmets made by SHOEI, Arai aso. The prices are roughly 1000B for the eggshells and 10.000B for the "real thing". Did anybody come across a decent helmet here that is quality and pricewise somewhere in the middle?
  2. Pro Paddock in Bangkok has a lot of old stock in Shoei helmets and gives a good discount, they seem to have ordered too many large sizes and you can pick up a good helmet for 4,000 to 5,000 Baht. Better than 10,000.They also do gloves ,gogles etc. Ask the older lady who is the boss for a discount or they will charge to sticker price.
    Harri XR650R
  3. Can anyone offer more information on Pro Paddock or other helmet, glove suppliers in Bangcock. Address, general location or phone number.
  4. Thanks, Harry, that's exactly the kind of info I was looking for! Last helmet I bought about ten years ago, a cheap SHOEI in white, no graphics, paid 150 bucks - that's about 6000 Baht. Good thing is that L is "farang size"... - I always wondered why there are no helmets made for the asian market; their heads are shaped very differently than western skulls, the helmets shouldn't fit...
    Anyways, I'll check out Pro Paddocks next time I'm in BKK!
  5. Of course SHOEI and ARAI are the best. Buy them if you have the money. For those who don't, I and several friends have unluckily "tested" STM Safety Met helmets, the 1000-1200 baht models. Great under impact. No damage to skulls, etc...

    Paddock is a good shop though, especially if you can speak Thai or bring someone who can for you. If you can hold out, they will have a display for sure at the BITEC motor show later this month. Last year I made my friends mad by buying the same jacket for several 1,000 baht less than they did. Also discounts on gloves, gear, helmets.

    Last year a friend picked up a L or XL SHOEI for only 3,000 i think.


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