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  1. I finally found the bike I like, a CB 400 special edition, 1998.Price 100.000 bht including green book and licences plate.Color white with red stripes, Brembo front disc brakes, original and in good condition.
    Would this be the right price and model?
    Any advice welcome
  2. If you could post a few hi-res close-up pictures . . .
  3. and full spec, deails and location...
    o/wise how can we take this seriously?
  4. These specs are all I have, the bike is in Bangkok,have piture but dunno how to upload.The mileage says 13.500 km, but what the heck, and front and rear suspension are adjustable.That's it folks. Appreciate advice.
  5. Dunnit! This is the beauty.
  6. some more pics
  7. sorry for the double
  8. Nice bike. 400's are common in Thailand so should have no problem with repairs or parts. Size is good, not too big, not too small.
  9. Chinosnake,

    Side panel lettering is wrong for this model: should read "GSZ535RR". (sorry, couldn't resist that one and if anyone is confused, see Chinosnake's original post ... Terms=kafe )

    Seriously, looks nice and 100k THB doesn't seem too steep if it's got a pukka book and is in all round good condition. Pay close attention to the tyres coz they look a bit shiney in the above pic so they may well have hardened over time, especially if the bike has had little use, and will have you in a slide at the first decent corner!

    Good luck and enjoy it!

  10. Hey Pikey,
    Thanks for your observant remark, checked the tires and the rubber is still soft, not too dry.Book is oke and everything original, according to the special anniversary model 1998.Bsicly this involves merely a special paintjob and some axtra stickers.
    So u owe me still a beer in Chiang Mai right?
    Looking forward riding together once I get a chance to get out of this rat race town of Angels.
  11. Looks good snake, I like these bikes myself, comfartable with very uasable power. Enjoy.
  12. Chino,

    Think you have got it the wrong way round mate - YOU owe me several beers for all the good advice and jovial pisstaking I have given you! [:D]

    Glad the tyres are OK and stick a post up prior to any planned visit to CNX so that we can meet up.


  13. will do & the first barrel is on me
  14. Chinosnake,
    Saw one today on Nam Wong Wan same colour but I didn't notice the "S Special Edition" what is the difference?
  15. if you want to sell it ,, i know some one wants to buy ...
    So beautyfull

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