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  1. Hi, I have read and go thru almost all the topic in this section and inspire me to ride in Loas. Planning to go into Loas in middle December 2010. The only thing that worry me is the road condition. Hope somebody can give some latest information pertaining on the road condition since there will be a sport bike in the group.

    Route planning: KL -> Danok -> Cha Am -> Nan -> Chiang Kong -> Luang Namtha -> via Boten to Luang Prabang -> Viantien -> via Nong Khai to Phitsanulok -> Go south.

    Also great to hear the latest info posted pertaining to custom & immigration info. It really help us on the planning.

    by the way, the bike will be Versys, Hayabusa & Spider CanAm.

  2. By the way I've just notice this post. While the Rider will always be the BEST tool, the bikes you're on plays an important part in going through the various road conditions in Laos especially the route from Luangnamtha-Luang Phrabang. Hayabusa & Can Am 3-wheeler will struggle because of their bulk & width. You'll be going through twisting mountain roads which are riddled with potholes and gravel/crusher run due to the constant road works along the way. A buddy of mine got through on his Kawa ZX14 alright but he was totally knackered when he reached his stop-over destination.
    Good Luck and have fun on your ride. ride safe as always.
  3. For the guys on the Hayabusa & the Cam-Am I think it will be quite the riding adventure in Laos with the road construction on
    1. Route 3 Houei Xai - Luang Nam Tha
    2. Route 13 Nat Toey - Oudom Xai - Pak Mong

    Not really difficult, but challenging (character building) / tough on a road bike with road tyres.
    Take a look at
    for some photos of the gravelly dirt sections. Imagine some of these are steep & combined you have about 150 kms to do.
    Not terribly enjoyable on a road bike, especially if you don't have any experience.

    Make sure you start with new tyres & brakes before you leave.
    Laos will chew out your tyres & brakes, & if they are half way down before you leave they may well not last the distance - giving you flat tyres & "running out of brakes" in the mountains = crashing.
  4. Thanks Zaini & Davidfl for the info. It's really helpfull for our Busa guys at least prepare on the road character.

    Davidfl, just wondering,where can we get GT-Rider Maps in south of Thailand? We will be at Sadoa, ChaAm, Phitsanulok & Chiang Kong before entering to Loas. Can the map be found at those area?

    Also got the news that Jurgen & Rex were travelling on the same route as plan by us. Hopefully it will came with the good news on the road condition.
  5. Chan at M-Technik in Singapore has stock of GT Rider maps. He is probably easiest for you right now.
  6. morning. 1st time to Laos need infos about road crossing from Tha Li (Thai) - LPQ. going end january 2012. 2up on my malaysian registered versys. my plan is ThaLi-LPQ-VV-VTE-Nong Khai-Korat.
    whats the total distance from ThaLi-LPQ can it b reached in a day. where can i the GTR maps for laos say in Loei or Phu Rhea area pls provide address n contact number if possible.
    thank you.
  7. Hi we did part of this ride from Tha Li to Luang Prabang a few weeks back.
    Loei to Tha Li is one hour.. Thai customs are fast and didn't want any copies of passports or green books etc..
    Lao side was slow and no one there hardly.. took a while for our 4 bikes to get processed.
    No insurance available.. The office was closed.. I have been told you can pick this up later at the Viet Lao Insurance office in Luang Prabang.

    We rode up to Pak Lai.. It was getting a bit late and arrived just after dark.. Road is dusty and not very interesting.
    Then we turned left at Pak Lai via the Conservation area to Sayabouri.. So can't comment on this stretch of the road.. I would not take the Versys through here.. It is only suitable for off road bikes.. Little bridge crossings, creek crossings, land slides, fallen trees and rutted to hell roads with lose gravel to navigate.. The dirt bikes got dropped a few times in here.

    From Sayabouri we went to Hongsa and then to Luang Prabang.. But later on we did a ride back down the Mekong and joined up with the main road 20km just after the Mekong crossing and road back to LP from here.. Very very very dusty.. white dust and white outs when other vehicles pass you and lots of big potholes.. Sure the Versys will handle it.. But it would not be my first choice if I was forced to do this again. Not a very interesting road in my opinion.. But a quick and less busy way than the 13 I guess.

    Doable in a day.

    The recent report which covers some of that area.

  8. In Lao now should point out its very cold in the mornings and evenings and not much in the way of medical services here, Good Luck.
  9. Thnx alot brian. i am reading Jurgen trip report - An Easy Road to Laos which he did in Aug 2010. enter from Huai Kon(Thai)-meung ngeun(Laos)-Pak Beng-Udomxai-Nong Khiew-LPQ-VV-VTE i think i will follow this route good for my rather heavy versys...hehehe. plus am lack of off road experience.

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