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  1. Hello,

    I'll be coming over to Southeast asia with a buddy in September. My itinerary is fully open, our plan is to just buy motorbikes in whichever country we arrive in, and then tour, and make plans as we go.

    Which country would be the easiest to buy a bike and get started in?

    I will have my motorcycle licence, and get an international drivers licence as well, what legal considerations should I think about besides those?

  2. Were you aware that September is the wettest (rain) month of the year?
    Rain levels usually begin to significantly lessen starting in late October.

    So...bring a rain jacket, as well as your riding gear (armor), helmet and boots.

    Consider starting in Chiang Mai.... good variety of roads, scenery, plus GT rider members who know the area well.
    Also, C-Mai may be the best place for you to rent off-road or road bikes. However, rental bikes will likely negate
    using them to visit (enter) any other countries. A bike's registration needs to be in the owner's name when crossing borders.
    You didn't indicate how long you plan on staying in SEA, so if you 'buy' bikes what do you do with them if you go home?
    You have a driver's license and passport, so you're good to go...

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