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  1. Hello
    I hope for some advice please.I was in CM last November and did a great loop. I would like to go to Laos this year and when I spoke to David he said it wouldn't be a problem to do. However I cant seem to find the way to do it with hiring a bike in Chaing Mai and taking it into Laos ,and does it have to be a off road bike because I will probably have a pillion again but on your web site most trips in Laos seem to be on off roaders

    I e mailed Mr Mechanic but they wont let me take the bike into Laos so your advice would be appreciated as to best way .I will have a bit longer this year and wanted to see more of North Thailand this time around Udon I think.Do you recommend a bigger map that covers the whole of North Thailand,I will get the GT riders map for the bike trip but a bigger one may help overall planning.

    Thanks for your help
    Safe riding

    Paul Owen
  2. Gday blackb15.

    FM2002 just completed a ride into laos on hire bikes from Chiang Mai.
    So it is possible.
    Im sure he'll give you an update when he finishers unpacking. :)

    Cheers Moto-Rex.
  3. I think FM2002 rented the bikes from POP Rental according to his message at: ... html#43896

    Side note - spoke with both Mr. Mechanic & Pops rental shops. They both will allow us to take their bikes into Laos, but Mr. Mechanic wants you me to sign over my truck or 50,000 baht per bike as a deposit. Pop wants only 10,000 per bike. Guess I'll go w/ Pops
  4. I believe that Mr Beer is also willing to let you take bikes over the border, and understands the paperwork... wants a cash deposit because you can't leave your passport as security...

    If you stay at Jonadda Guesthouse, John will talk to Mr Beer in advance and get it organised if that helps...

  5. This all sounds postive I will wait for FM 2002 to post his thoughts which would be helpfull.Thanks for the replies so far.

    Safe riding

  6. Did FM 2002 post his trip ? I had a look in the Laos section and couldnt see it. I arrive soon so just trying to get more info.

    Thanks very much

  7. Thanks very much really intresting report with lots of food for thought. I hope my motorcyling is better than my GT site navigation. Much appriciated.

    Safe riding


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