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  1. Hello

    I am over in a few weeks and going to Laos from CM on Motorbike. The advice in the UK to take Malaria tablets,any advice from other bikers who have done the trip or live in the region please as to whether you really need to ?
    Thanks Safe riding

  2. I have never taken any Anti-Malarials for trips in Thailand, not sure what the story is in Laos...

    I think prevention from being bitten is better... long pants and long sleaves, shoes and socks at night... DEET Insect repealant, and mozzie candles in the room...

    Doxi makes me sensitive to sunburn, and I don't want to risk the psychotic effects of quinine...

    Malarone is very expensive...

  3. In the 30 or so years I have lived in SE Asia I cant think of anyone I know getting malaria, thats not to say it doesn't exist. Dengue fever on the other hand, seems far more likely and I know plenty of people who have had that over the years; three cases that I know of this year in CM. The problem is that there is no preventative medicine and no cure for Dengue Fever. Just have to keep covered as Daewoo says and recognise the symptoms if you get it as you need care sooner rather that later or it can cause real problems. Best just to to get on and enjoy your ride I think.
  4. Paul,
    We have lived in Thailand / Malaysia for nearly 10 years. Have travelled through Laos on motorbike for a month, Cambodia a month and recently Tanzania for about a month. We do not use malaria tabs, but are extremely careful of getting bitten. I had Dengue fever in Papua New Guinea about 30 years ago and it wasn't fun.We have a number of friends who have had malaria but lots more who have had Dengue fever and Chikungunya , which has many similar symptoms.I don't know about up North but these 2 are quite a problem in Phuket region and could possibly flare up again with all the flooding up North, but cooler temps may limit that . When we are on the road we sleep under a mossie net and / or burn coils. Take basic precautions and you will probably be fine. Good luck and enjoy your trip.
  5. Thanks very much for that advice it confirms my own thoughts. I will take preventive measures and it should be ok.Much appriciated.

    safe riding


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