Advice re route from Koh Chang to Isaan ?

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  1. On the way for my annual, three week visit - motorcyling in Thailand . I plan to hire a bike in Pattaya go to Koh Chang for a few days then ride up to Isaan I know it's a big place but any general advice re route, good roads ( not off road) and place to visit .
    I see they is some big national parks .if route not to far north that would be really appreciated
    I have maps etc and it looks fairly straight forward but local advice is always best.
    Thanks for your help
    and safe riding
  2. What do you want to see? And where do you want to end up?

    Last month I went from Pattaya through Isaan to Mekong, along Mekong and up to Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai.

    First stop was Lalu in Sa Kao to see the earth formations. Photos at this site, almost at the end:
    Google Maps:,+102.575651+(Lalu)

    The last part of the road is a dirt road. The earth formations are wide spread, continue driving to see more of them. But be aware that you have to take the same way back, even though Google will say that there is another way out (north of the lake Huai Yang). I had to give up on that, it is a single track dirt road, that you need an off roader to manage, if possible at all.

    Next stop for me was in Buriram to see some old ruins. Phanom Rung National Park have ruins similar to Angkor Wat, but much smaller. There are two entrances, if you do not have trouble climbing stairs take the lower one as you will get a very nice view to the main building.
    Google Maps:,+102.945278+(Phanom+Rung)
    There are some more ruins near by, at Prasat Muang Tam, you will actually pass those first on your way. If you only want to see one set of ruins, skip those and go directly to Phanom Rung.
    Google Maps:,+102.981652+(Prasat+Muang+Tam)

    I then went to Sisaket to visit the temple Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaeo, better knows as Wat Lan Kuad - temple of a million bottles. A few photos at my website, although you probably cannot read the text (in Danish):
    Google Maps:,+104.419260+(Wat+Lan+Kuad)

    From there I went up through Isaan to Nong Khai, I didn't see anything interesting on the way, a rather boring drive, except for the usual excitement when ramming down the pot holes - I am driving a scooter so I feel those more than on a big bike.
  3. From Koh Chang (Trat) take route 3 (Sukhumvit road) to route 317. Along route 317 you will be passing the area of Soi Dao where are beautiful waterfalls in the jungle of Khao Kitchakut.

    Follow route 317 until Sa Keao and take a left on route 33 to Kabinburi, where you take a right to route 304. This route goes via Wang Nam Kiao, on the east side of Khao Yai. On the east side of route 304 is Thap Lan National Park. In this area are many resorts & restaurants.

    Follow route 304 until Khorat (Nakhon Ratchasima) where you have the choice of going north (via route 2 in direction of Khon Kaen, Udon Thani, Nong Khai) or going east (via route 24 in direction of Buriram, Surin, Ubon Ratchathani). If you go east you could visit Prasat Phnom Rung (beautiful ancient Khmer temple) and start following the Mekong River (from Ubon).
    If you go north you could visit Phimai (another beautiful ancient Khmer temple) and visit the IndoChina Market in Nong Khai. From Nong Khai you could follow the Mekong River in direction of Chiang Khan and Loei (my favorite riding area).

    The most parts of the Isaan are a bit flat and boring highways to ride. The area of Petchabun, Lomsak, Dan Sai and Loei has great roads in the mountains.
    In the area of Sakhon Nakhon is the mountain range "Phu Pan" with the famous "snake curves" in route 213.
  4. Thank you to you both that is really appreciated I'll let you know how I get on .i am just on the way down to get bike in Pattaya now
    thanks very much
    Safe riding
  5. Alex
    I will be heading your way so I will give you a ring thanks,the help really appreciated I am looking at the maps and I'm trying to pick a place to stop between Koh Chang and Surin as after I have caught the ferry I will not have that many hours riding as I won't drive at night if I can help it difficult to calculate time as I don't now road conditions ideas welcome
    My e mail [email protected]
    Thanks again

  6. I would just like to say thanks to everyone for their help in particular Alex and his excellent barbecue and hospitality. I am back in England ,I will post my trip but I saw some really interesting ruins and temples and meet some nice people and travelled some good roads and saw lots of rice :)
    Safe riding

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