Advice re route Pattaya to Kanchaburi ?

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  1. Hello
    I am going to ride from Pattaya to Kancharburi for remebrance sunday. I dont want to go throught Bangkok as I did last year and no fun.On the map it looks best to go on the 31 from Pattaya then go acoss over the top of Bangkok just wondered if local expertise had different views ?Thanks for any help

    Safe riding

  2. I just did this only a few days ago..... the route you don't want to do! Honestly it was a piece of piss with very little traffic.

    The route "across over the top of Bangkok" (Highway 346 Pathum Thani to Phanom Thuan) is saturated with heavy trucks and the road, last time I rode it, was awful.

    I left Pattaya at 0900 so missed all the rush hour traffic, rode up to Bang Na, along Sukhumvit, down Rama 4, down Sathorn Tai, over the Taksin Bridge, onto the Phet Kasem road and then on to Highway 4 then the 323. Honestly I was laughing crossing the Taksin Bridge at how easy and trouble free it had been...... my bike club always used the Pra Pha Daeng ferry at Samut Prakarn to get out to K'buri but straight through town, having chosen a sensible time to miss the rush traffic, was far easier.
  3. Marti
    Last year it was the floods and that made it hard for me, thanks very much for your advice. i am looking at the map so following your route from pattaya it highway 3 sukhumvit rd all the way to bangkok then when I approach bangkok Rama 4 will be signposted then go to the Taskin bridge ,which are the best main signs to follow into bangkok . I think that will be the difficult bit after the bridge it looks ok ,and I take it bikes allowed on all these roads ? Thanks again for your help
  4. Martin
    Just to say thanks got a little lost in Bangkok but apart from that route went to plan once at taskin bridge
    Cheers and safe riding
  5. You are absolutely welcome Paul; always willing to help out, if indeed I can. What were you riding? I was on my Africa Twin so could nip through traffic..... would have been a longer and sweatier journey on the Big White Pig!

  6. Martin
    I was on a Kawasaki ninja 600 so no problem with filtering its just all the signs seem to lead to the highway which you can't go on and I do find it difficult despite being relatively experienced .
    I am back next month looking to hire and ride around again and trying to avoid riding throughout Bangkok trying to hire down the Hoi Hin side but not looking good :-( anyway can't wait to get over on my yearly trip for 3 weeks
    Thanks again
    Safe riding

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