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  1. Hi anyone / everyone...
    I am thinking about buying a Yamaha Super Tenere 750 which is at Mr T's bikes in BKK mainly to use foir touring in and around Thailand. I live in BKK and have another means of transport in the city.
    Anyone have any history / knowledge of this bike ? What should I be looking out for with a 97 model with 28K on the clock.
    Do these bikes have any general flaws ?
    Any advice would be appreciated
  2. hi I have had a Super Tenere here in Thailand for 3 years and actually it is for sale now. I have also had obout 20 st:s in Finland but only for sale. I also have a few TDM850 and a TRX850 project here in Thailand, The bike is quite good it is a little faster than Africa Twins on dust roads (if the AF:s are japaneese models)The engine is not as reliable as the AF:s and you must be careful with the oil not going low,that will blow your crankshaft but Yamha has oversize bearings (I`have been told) in contradictary to Honda. The frame is as bad as AF, front suspension oldfashioned same as rear. On the really bad roads as in Cambodia your rear frame will broke down but it can be easily weld even in Cambodia (have experience) Not a bad choice HIKO

  3. OH I forgot to tell You that do not believe the year model or the mileage. The year of manufacture you can normally find from the brakefluidhoses there will be a month and year of manufacture and add a few month on that. Mileage is an other story.... As told in these pages before check the green book who is the owner copy of his id-card or falang passport together with copy of entrance to Thailand and visa if have and have him sign the green book if the book is bgk as you live now problems but if the book is up country it will take you a few thousand bahts before you get the book back in your name and before that you will have problem trying to leave thailand HIKO

  4. After 20 year as a mc mechanic in canada i can tell you the valves are crap, they heat up too much because of the small size (5 valves per pot) and it's an enormously heavy bike to be useful off road. Me and the buds back home always take dr or ttr 225-350's off roading, much lighter and more durable (aircooled as well, less hassle in the long run)....Too complictaed for my liking, too much to go wrong far from home. Just my two cents, i know many people like them, but it depends how rigorous you ride as well. For touring they are ok, too much plastic as well, sucks when it gets dumped.....


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