Advice wanted: Luang Prabang - Phonsavan - VV loop

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  1. Hi. My friend and I are planning a several day motorcycle trip this July from Luang Prabang across to Phonsavan, via Xaysomboune to Vang Vieng, then back up to Luang, and would be grateful for any advice about this route. We have both ridden in S.E.Asia before, but neither of us are particularly experienced riders. Would this route be manageable in July, and can anyone recommend it, or otherwise suggest an alternative?
    Also, we will be hiring bikes in Luang Prabang, and i noticed that some people have mentioned in recent posts that it is possibly difficult at the moment to hire decent bikes here.... can anyone offer any tips on this?

    thanks a lot for any advice anyone can offer!
  2. follow up: having just read a little more about this Green Discovery company, i have been thinking perhaps we will start or end our trip in Vientiane and cop the transport fee.
    also, can anyone who has done this or a similar trip advise on how much time we should allow (if we want to have time to occasionally stop and smell the flowers & drink the beerlao)
  3. I only did Vientiane to Luang Prabang and return, 2 up on a Chinese Honda Wave 110cc, my report is posted in this section, great ride, and can't wait to get back up there with my own bike.

    If you read other posts in this section there will probably be a report by someone who done the trip you suggest.
  4. Green Discovery are a top outfit - speak to Miss Quynh
    She'll put you right on what is and what is not possible during the rainy season

    Last week on the way to Luang Prabang thanks to Green Discovery
  5. Thanks guys
    So we shouldn't have trouble (as some seem to have suggested recently) getting decent bikes in L.P.?
  6. Getting descent bikes in LPQ is not so hard but why not get one from the right source with a little certainty of help in case of problems. Rent in VTE from Fuark, PVO or Green Discovery. Read more trip reports and the rental pages for Laos.
  7. Have a look at ... ,motocross for a description by Craypot of his trip from Vientiane via Tha Heua and Xaisomboun to Tha Viang and on to Phonsavan. In general you should not have big problems but much depends on the amount of rain as parts of the roads are dirt which may turn in mud and some river crossings could be difficult.

    The other parts from Luang Phrabang to Phonsavan should not be a problem (Rd 13 and Rd 7 are all asphalt)

    Have fun and ride safe

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