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  1. xorron5

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    HI can somebody tell me who sells 450cc motocross bikes in thailand
    and i mean pretty new ones...and what about ordering from over seas
    how much tax and shipping fee...i we seen wery good deals on e-bay
    but to ship from england for example must be wery expencive...+tax..
    i have 1 shop selling 2006 crf450 for 190 000 bth...and compairing with
    the prices around the world its guite expencive thats like 4000 euro...
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  3. shanes

    shanes Ol'Timer

    they may sound cheap , but by the time they land here they wont be , 190,000 for an 06 CRF450 is a pretty good price .
    try som's shop on siam country club road in pattaya , he should be able to get one in for you i know he has 2 KXF's and KTM 450's he may be willig to sell them , there was also and older YZF there a while ago but havent seen it driving past lately
  4. dirthonk

    dirthonk Ol'Timer

    try although get a thai friend to come along and help as its only in thai script. they have a number of yzf and crf450's on there for sale. probably for chepaer than the price you have been quoted. my 07 crf450 cost 200,000 from a guy up here in chiang mai.
  5. xorron5

    xorron5 Member

    yeah problem solved i am ordering from arrives next month

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