Africa Twin Crf1000l - How Many Members Have Placed Orders?

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  1. Just curious if some members have placed orders.

    After many hours watching reviews and originally planning on the DCT, then actually scraping the idea all together in favor of a trials bike, I've done the deed.

    Mate received his manual tri-color last week after a deposit holder dropped out. Hopefully, mine will be here before end of November.
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  2. A nice change of plans.
    Good luck with the bike - an awesome machine the Africa Twin.
  3. What Country are You in? Can't get a Tri-Colour here in Thailand? And the Rallye Red is only avalible in Manual? I would prefer either a Tri-Colour or Rallye Red DCT but have asked Honda and they refuse to Budge on their Colour Choices??? DCT is only Avalible in Black or Silver at the Moment here! But I think they will change the Colour Choice around each year so it will come eventually! But if the New Yamaha MT07 Tenere arrives First that would probably be a Better Bike for this Region?
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  4. Any prices on the MT07 Tenere Bungy?
    The weight is a big swing factor for me.
  5. Yes, I know tri-color is only manual, which is the one I ordered.

    After dithering around and originally placing a deposit some months ago on a silver DCT, then changing my mind and canceling it as I was planning on ditching riding on road altogether, I opted for a manual AT.

    After reading many reviews a seeing a few hiccups with the DCT, I decided manual would suite my riding style. With every opportunity I had with the Versys I rode off road, many places some might say it wasn't capable of. I love the idea of DCT but i'm not comfortable with it going belly-up off road, or at least taking the chances of it. Read some recent reviews of it not being great on slow tricky sections too.

    I'm planning on buying a Beta 250/300 evo for nearby fun.

    Black is also available in manual btw. My friend hates the tri-color and in need of a slap!
  6. No Prices on the MT07 Tenere and it hasn't officially been Released. But testing is continuing and Spy shots are on the Internet. Plus Yamaha has confirmed the existing 660 is finishing this Year. I expect the O7 Tenere to be launched in the New Year?
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    Mine's waiting in Ubon, while I'm delayed in the UK. It came earlier than estimated 15 October delivery.
    Preferred manual tricolour, for my technical sections inclinations. where it's at...:)
    Once I get the Termi' on ( and the Db killer has fallen out ...:) oops :) ) , crash bars and centre stand for easy maintenance it will be put to good use.
    I think Ubon BW maybe have several for sale right now.
    They've done a good job with an open day and decent Thai enduro rider putting a manual thro' it's undoubted technical OFF road paces. About 60-riders were having a go on their own ADV 'bikes.
    Been a long time coming but all the actual reviews confirm what a great job Mr Honda's Team have done with this icon.

    My long term KTM & Ducati pals think I'm crazy to abandon 990 BB Enduro Rallyes and Mutistrada Pikes Peak trail riding/super FAST blacktop...BUT.....there's ONLY ONE NEW AT..!!!!
  8. I wanted a DCT but in the Tri Colour or the Rally Red. Honda Refused so now it is a simply a wait to see what arrives first? The New Yamaha MT-07 Tenere (Due early Next Year) or the Africa Twin DCT in a Decent Colour? Time will tell.
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  9. Different horses for different courses, I think Ian.

    Honda have AT brand/model marketing reasons for the Thai, ( and all country ) markets. We may not all agree, of course :)
    But a red DCT model may come, sometime. The non DCT model will always be preferred for those seeking more technical conditions, as evidenced by the experienced off road rider test reviews to date. A slipper clutch is about as far as technical riders want to go, and it has some advantages, without compromising techniques and traditional riding reflexes. I also ride traditional enduro/trail bikes, now the simple CRF 250L dual sport in Thailand. So switching between the two bikes I can keep the same ' riding head '..:) And with simple tweeks to fork oil have a capable enduro which can also handle well enough. front end 21, for rapid blacktop twisties ( potholed ?/ :) ) shopping trips.
    The DCT models certainly make it easier for enry level off road riding, as many recent test review riders have observed. It's very clever.
    And Mr Honda wants to sell more DCT models and also to widen the riding terrain profile, along with the master rider brand appeal strategy.

    The new MT-07 ( probably with a different name ) seems set for launch 2018...some time away.
    Certainly it will be the same good value Yamaha price I think - maybe 350K in Thailand.
    Many thousands of K's in Maroc Mountains/Desert on XT660's and KTM 450/500 & 690's confirm to me the Yam' is OK but just takes more work, especially on daily 300 to 700 K sections. Trusty Yam' is so reliable ! And that's important, especially solo....and outback.
    BUT....I'll ride ANYTHING....ANYWHERE :)
    And the many times I've seen locals on beat up mopeds, with chains falling off, hundreds of miles from anywhere, remind me you can do that..:)

    The new Yam' is not really aimed as a technical competitor for the new AT.
    Chalk & Cheese. Closer to the F700GS & TT800 range. Certainly lighter than the AT, but less comfortable on long, fast runs as a consequence.
    But it has a great niche and will be an undoubted improvement on the XT660. And great value too.
    I think it will sell well in Thailand. A good match for much of the most interesting riding terrain, including Laos/Cambodia.
    Certainly I'll aim to ride one when they appear.

    Meantime I'm happy with Mr Honda for supplying a non DCT, in red/white/black.
    A few strategic blue decals will soon personalise it.
    Termi' music in my ears and FREEDOM.

    I am reminded here, as I type : " No one size fits all "

    Safe and enjoyable riding, whatever your choice ! :)
  10. Ian, forgot to mention previous about the upcoming KTM middleweight 800 ADV machine
    Announced ' officially ' later this year for launch 2017,,,,before the Yam' I think.
    Will also be a much stronger spec albeit likely higher price...maybe 450/500K THB
    It's essentially the replacement for that other ADV 'bike icon, the LC4, old 640 single thumper

    I always like riding that, especially the Oz spec with a little more ' thump '...:)
    That was a nice Bad Ass 'bike and handled so well.
    The new one will certainly outclass the Yam for performance...if rider requires that
    Good to see the middleweight class getting more choice now, after the GS'r wannabees drove KTM et al to follow with bigger, heavier, faster machines chasing customer market share.....ON road rather than OFF

    Something for everyone now..:)

    AND....for me...there's only one AT...:) to play Boys n Toys with...

    We're so lucky to have these machine choices and Thailand, Laos, Cambodia on the doorstep...way to go..:)
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  11. KTM aren't a Practical Buy here as You have to Have someone Follow You in a Pickup to take You back when they Break down!!! Yamaha told me that the New Tenere should be at the Bangkok Motorshow next Year which is Last week of March first week of April so definitely Next Year!
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  12. I'm still waiting! Hopefully not too long now as a few have tricked through. I'm nearly as excited like the 11 years old kid I was waiting for my California Star BMX at Christmas.

    Had to find another hobby in the meantime. Porn is a bit boring and repetitive and True TV is playing the all new series of Overhailin' Fifth Gear and all the other biker and car programs from 2013! What to do?
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    keep an eye on EICMA next month.could be a prototype there.and hopefully will import to TH! a good sign MT07 naked is sold here.. but not the new 07Tracer(?!)

    edit:Ian, which Yamaha told u is going to be imported here? that could be news of the century ,since surprisingly there is NOT a midweight enduro category in TH yet! cheers
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    Hi ! I will get a silver one thursday. Today they had 2 unpacked red ones. 2 silver ones still in the box and 2 more, but I don't know which colors, also still packed. Until now delivered 4 (2 red and 2 black), so together 10 Africa Twins for Chiang Mai. I hope I can share some experiences with other owners.

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    I love the Africa Twin, but its tall and I cant quite get both feet firmly on the ground.
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    Mate of mine is about 5 "8 and has no problems. Can't get his feet flat but comfortable enough, all the same.
  17. The standard seat can be adjusted in 2 positions. If the lower position is still too high Honda also offers a lower seat version. Maybe you could try that.
  18. Thanks, I didn't know the seat was adjustable. I will try again.
  19. For what it is worth, and probably not very much, UK price for a new Africa Twin DCT is around £11,700.00.
  20. IMG_0490.JPG Got it
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  21. Congratulations.
    Let us know what you think & how the bike goes.
  22. Jealous :D !!:greenbook:
  23. Nice, can't wait for mine.
  24. Should be coming soon, I got mine earlier also because some thais who have ordered couldn't get the financing.
  25. IMG_0532.JPG This is the new color for 2017
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