Africa Twin for lower price !!!

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  1. Laying awake at night dreaming of owning an Africa Twin ?? Tired of seeing David whiz by on his AT with a big grin on his face?? Well, dream no more. I am going to sell one of my prized ATs. It is a black 1995 bike, and in excellent condition. It has a green book and plate, with current registration. I am getting tired of people asking me why I have four Africa Twins, so I figure my answer will seem more intelligent if I only have to defend the ownership of three....Here are some pictures. The bike is now with me in Chiang Mai.
    My asking price is 220,000 baht. This bike is rock solid with everything working perfectly. As it was my main tour bike, cost was no object when it came to maintaining the bike. Do not confuse this bike with a clapped out bike in a Thai shop with a flash paint job,shaky paperwork,and no maintenance whatsoever. This is a ready to go anywhere bike, throw a bag on the back and take off. No need to worry about bike problems the previous owner was too cheap to fix......




    Bike comes with:
    Bagster tank bra
    Custom cargo plate
    Trailtech trip computer
    Yamaha turn signals with running lights
    Scott oiler
    Factory 909 handguards
    Givi crash bars powdercoated texture black
    Aircraft solid state fuel pump
    Custom seat for long distance riding
    Taller windshield
    25 MM bar risers

    New parts recently put on:
    Wheel bearings front and back
    CDI ignition unit
    Clutch cable
    Speedo cable
    Complete clutch plates
    Front stay and fairing from a RD07A
    Tires are almost new
  2. Where did it go I used to live there[;)]
  3. It went here: ... ge2132.htm
  4. Posted - 28 Sep 2007 : 12:02:47

    It went here: ... ge2132.htm

    But this bike is not a 1995 model. It's a RD 07A, built 1997 or later.

    Best Regards from an Africa Twin Rider from Germany (who has been in Thailand with his bike some years ago)
  5. Harry i have been reading about your excapades and would love to have a chat, i have a belgeiun friend i would love you to meet, he too is crazy ! please call me when you have time or send me your number,regards,mike
  6. It is a 1995......Was bored one day and decided to change out the front stay, and then installed a RD07A fairing. So you are right, it was sporting the RD07 look while it was in Sumatra, but right now it looks like an RD07A. The bike was already black which was a RD07A color only, so in essence was just making the fairing fit the paint color. The front stays are exactly interchangeable between the two models . The first pictures in the Sumatra post shows my almost new 2001 RDO7A. I then changed bikes when I was in Pattaya. Will post pictures of the bike in its current state next week when I get back to Chiang Mai.

  7. Hi Robert

    good luck selling the AT

    When I advertised my friends AT, had 971 Read, 28 Reply, no one wanted to buy, all debated what year and cc the bike was ... frica,twin

    ps you should come back here down south, currently in Lamai, Koh Samui, torrential rains, sheltering in an internet cafe
  8. I have an AT in Phuket and am looking for an RD07 or RD07A. I went and looked at that bike in a shop in Phuket town about 6 months ago. It is an RD04 (it's on the frame) which means it cannot be newer than 1994. Making 210,000 baht a pretty steep figure. If your seller comes down in price I might be interested.
  9. Tstats, the AT in Phuket was sold for 230,000 baht
  10. "the AT in Phuket was sold for 230,000 baht"

    Highly doubtful I would say..............or somebody got ripped off.
  12. There is a real clean black and gold 97 in chatrees on 3rd road in pattaya with a book etc for 170.000
  13. Hi,

    How many km's ?

    When was the bike imported and are you the first owner in Thailand ?

  14. I am the first owner in Thailand. The bike
    has 45,000 kilometers on it. I have never performed
    any engine work at all on it with the exception of
    changing the clutch plates, and adjusting the valves.
    The engine itself has always run perfectly.
  15. Hi Robert
    I am ready to pay you 200thousend cash "up front".
    I am riding now;

    2000 Honada Varadero XL1000V
    87,000 KM
    Givi Luggage (Side bags only)
    Givi Crash Bars
    Optional Centerstand
    K&N Filter
    Renthal Handlebars
    Acerbis Handguards
    New rear brake pads
    New Starter relay
    Recent oil & filter change (synthetic)
    Green book
    Current insurance and tax paid through May 08
    Service Manual

    but Its a bit heavy and I got a buyer who is ready to pay 200thousend "up front".
    Think about it.
  16. And the point is ??????
  17. The Point is!
    I want to buy your "tirak" for 200'000!
  18. Hi, Peter,

    You're right be hard at business !!! In fact value it at scrap metal price, then it could be less...
  19. WTF!!!! The bloke is just trying to sell his bike!!! Where do comments like this fit in??? [:(!]

    I have seen this bike and it is everything Robert says it is and whomever buys it gets a good deal on a straight reliable bike (and no, I am not being paid to write this but I just get p*ssed off at the attitude of some posters sometimes).


  20. Seems to be a fair bit of this about dosent there, we need to file these comments under" im sorry i have shit for brains " ,. if you havent got anything good/constructive to say my advice is keep it to yourself,.
  21. I think AZOULAY was being ironic..............I might be wrong
  22. I agree with Pikey, GT riders www is for all us like minded people to share our bike interest with each other in a friendly and positive way, if any members feel the need to cause problems and be generally scathing and negative go to Thaivisa to vent your frustrations...........hundreds of those types on there already.

    saying that, Azoulay`s comments might have been construed wrongly due to language reasons...maybe !!
  23. Hi, Friends,

    If someone felt hurted apologises for it, this having been said for all the others...

    I never imagined that my post would have provoke such revolution, and don't forget that down here in France we know about this and heads are rolling then.

    To be perfectly explicite, I wanted to say, maybe too ironically I can agree, to make me understandable by the average member of this nice communauty that our friend Peter was bargaining the bike so hard that he could consider in this proposal the price of the bike at the value of the scrap metal (x Kg of Honda AT scrap metal cross the price of the Kg of scrap metal) as well wich is again less...

    Sometimes bargaining has limits, specially when the bike is in so mint condition as described.

    Now as ending word, I will appropriate the Jeff's favorite quote "Bollocks to everyone, I am me" (Jeff [email protected]), hope this time the meaning is right and understandable for all. Weather in Thai should be so hot and wet that I feel you all a bit too sensitive and irritable...No matter to be negative thinking
  24. That is a nice clean looking machine it looks showroom even for its age , the AT motor is bulletproof some in Europe have been known in NTV REVERE , AT and BROS models used by dispatch riders to go 200,000 miles 'yes' miles that is 320k with good owners and proper servicing
  25. Hi there I take it the bike is still up for sale. Sorry to be so stupid and ask but can I own it in my own name as a foreigner

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