Africa Twin RD07 1993 prep for adventure !


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Dec 22, 2014
Hi everybody.
As I introduced myself here : the bike and I have done many miles together. Selling it is not an easy decision, but it would be the easiest way to achieve the rest of my trip, saving cost on shipping and Carnet de passage for Australia (I will the new one there, and skip importation hassles!).

The bike has french number plate and 2 keys, registered on my name. I don't know yet how to proceed to sell it in Thailand, so any suggestions are welcome !!

Here is a picture from last month in Cambodia (many more picture on my facebook page : )

*bike is sold with aluminium panniers, not shown on this picture. I keep the soft bags!!

The bike is from 1993 and will have around 75 000 km and has the following modifications :
- regulator mosfet
- fuel pump facet
- handle bar renthal fat bar + riser
- foam grip
- wider pegs for offroad
- voltmeter on the dashboard
- additionnals lights 2800 lumens
- touratech protection for the front lights
- wilbers rear shock
- wilbers progressive springs
- new fork seals and rings (4) in the front fork (changed at 70 000 km)
- crashbars from heavyduties
- luggage rack from heavyduties (asymetric for thé exhaust)
- aluminium paniers 48+ 40 liters (i now use soft luggage from adventure-spec but i will keep them)
- center stand from heavyduties
- plate welded on the side stand
- new front and rear brake disk (changed at 46 000 km)
- brake pads changed at 70 000 km (+ spare rear)
- new bearings : stearing, front wheel, rear wheel, swing arm (all). Changed at 46 000 km
- chock cable changed at 46 000 km
- new secondary chain. Changed at 70 000 km. 15x48 + 16 sprocket
- additional fuel tap to fillup stove bottle every night
- lowered seat from jean-marc briant (france). Bultex foam.
- neopren fork sockets
- wheel checked and tensioned
- all bolts have been greased by myself and/or replaced
- all electric connexion filled with dyelectric grease
- switch for double/single beam
- switch for brake light : be discreet when looking for camping spot
- switch for usb/ac (2 usb on dashboard, 1 ac on the rack and 1 under the seat)
- switch for additionnal lights
- new fuse box for additional plugs (speedo, add lights, usb, ac, heating grips)
- iridium spark plugs (changed at 46 000 km)
- i removed trip master and speedo to replace them by a speedo/gps trailtech voyager. I would like to keep the unit but i can leave the connexion. It will be plug and play with an other trail tech device. Oil pressure, side stand, neutral are on the new dashboard.
- I replace the mirrors by double take mirrors from adventure-spec. I want to keep them as well.
- gearbox shaft in perfect condition, i always check my chain tension to avoid any tension there.
- reinforced front brake line
- batterie YUASA (changed at 46 000 km)

Spare parts :
- original fuel pump and regulator
- brake and clutch lever
- accelerator cables (already on the bike ready to be swapped)
- clutch cable (already on the bike ready to be swapped)
- bearings front and rear wheel
- rear brake pads
- clutch plates + clutch seal (needed when you open)
- spark plugs

Oil+filter change every 7-9000 km
New cooling liquid
New brake fluid

The bike as some repair on the front fairing : no crash, due to vibration and tension due to the big tank i was using (48 liters, still posible to swap if you want). The bike had no rust whatsoever!

Never had any problem with the engine. With new mirrors and a trailtech speedo, the bike is ready to go! If i can't sell it i will keep going with it in Australia, New Zeeland and America (South to North). I trust this bike, the mechanic is in perfect condition and i wouldn't sell it otherwise.

I'm asking 5000 USD for it, which I think is a fair price, considering there is 3500 USD accessories on it + all the maintenance done on it. I can take 400 USD off the price if I keep the double take mirrors and the trailtech voyager.