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  1. I am looking to buy an African Twin in either Thailand or Cambodia. E-mail me with info and photo if interested in selling.

  2. Are you over 50? You know, that is one of the requirements. [B)]
  3. Yeah you're not wrong there Wimpy: " Are you over 50? You know, that is one of the requirements."
    The AT Club is an elite club reserved for the guys with experience, who know how to ride long hours & distances, year after year.
    The Africa Twin always comes through as one of the most reliable economical bikes to ride for the "wise old farts league", men who know how to ride & play, year after year - not just a flash in the pan wonder boys for few months!
    With luck you'll be applying to join in a few more years.....
    And, from my experience the AT always brings in the girls. Its a big impressive looking horn machine, that the gals love to sit & ride one, as they get to sit up & ride so high!
    Youth is a wonderful thing, but we all know the story about the old bull & the young bull....

    BTW - when are we going to go for a ride?
    I'll be doing the MHS loop later this week - leave Tues or Wed - now that my crashing young brother has gone.....

    Keep The Power On
  4. Being over 50 is correct, because then you can afford to buy the 2 Africa Twins that you will need - since one will be in the repair shop getting something fixed.


    "The true secret of giving advice is, after you have honestly given it, to be perfectly indifferent whether it is taken or not and never persist in trying to set people right."
  5. Flying Bikes 110st Phnom Penh had one for sale 3 weeks ago. I also know a guy in PP that has one that he wants to get rid of (he bought it off flying bikes earlier this year and hardly uses it. Both will have legal plates and rego cards, costis around $4,500.

  6. Thank you LaudJohn as you give info and not opinions.
  7. Sheesh, I was just poking fun at the fearless leader! [8D]
  8. Peter
    Sorry to hear about your misadventure on R1243. It has been like that for a while too unfortunately. It would be good if you could make a small trip report on it (& the other roads you guys did) so that we all know about the good & the bad. A couple of GT riders did 1243 earlier this year (after Phi Ta Khon in Dan Sai), but did not see fit to make a report on it sad to say.
  9. Peter my apologies, accidentally edited instead of repyling to your post. Excuse - its the silly little monitor screen in this internert cafe in MHS.
    Can you pls repost so I try to 'fix it.'

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  10. Jonny
    Glad you got some info & not only opinions......
    Laudjohn was probably the only one at the time who knew where there was an Africa Twin for sale.
    But how did your trip go anyway - any reports?
    You must have had a good time as you now want to buy a bike.
    It would be great if you could put something back in with a road & trip report.

    Keep The Power On
  11. David, Or should we say DOC, (Dopey old something). Will repost in trip reports. I can then post a couple of pictures.
  12. Why is that bike twinned with Africa, anyway? Is it because it's poor and largely overlooked?

    Oh, I'm funny, me [:D]

    Look at our photos:
    Link removed
  13. there was an AT under a sheet in a covered bike park by the river,due south eastish of pub street in siam reap about 5month back with a number on for sale,it was real hard to see so could still be there, i asked a local guy if he knew how much, he just said "lots, maybe $4/5000", sorry didnt get the number, i'm a short arse and am looking for an ax1 in a few weeks. good luck
  14. theres one at B-A bikes in anthong on koh samui with plate and book, 250000bhat from staff or 220000bhat from bandit, contact bandit- 016934319 or 077 236168, i'd buy it for sure if i had the cash and longer legs. and was 10 year older!

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