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  1. I've just bought a bike with a LeoVince exhaust. I have the original as well. Do I need to put the original pipe back on when I take the bike down to Nong Hoi (in Chiang Mai) for the name change? In my experience they've only ever taken the engine and chassis numbers, no inspection, so I think its OK, just want to check.
  2. I posted the exact same question on ThaiVisa a month ago. I have a Versys with a Yoshimura twin port carbon, with no baffles / dB killer.

    The usual TV response, 3 people with no actual hands on experience posted that it was best to change it. One guy who said he had a 2 brothers on a CBR250 and Leo on another 750cc bike argued with the others and posted "the guys don't care, they are just concerned with the usual number check"

    I'm glad i listened to him, I can confirm him to be correct - I took mine to transfer the title, didnt give it large in the inspection shed, I just idled up - the guy did his little trick with a pencil and masking tape - the assembled crew of truck drivers wanted to know how much it cost and how fast it went.

    15 mins later after sitting in a sweaty office, I was out the door - The only shock that day was that it cost 1000B for the inspection.

    I'm not saying that you won't have a problem, chances are, you will be fine, just leave the aftermarket pipe on.

    ETS: This was in Songkhla, the TV poster was in Mo Chit, Bangkok.
  3. Thanks. 1000B for the inspection seems a bit much though! Last transfer cost me under 500B.
  4. I dunno bro - The whole thing was a ball ache.

    Because I bought it in Roi-Et, I went to my local office in Hat Yai, who told me, because I bought it out of the province I had to go to the provincial office in Songkhla.

    I rode a round trip of 50 km to get a letter from DLT to give to immigration to get cert-res, 2 days later, another 25 km trip to start the paperwork off - sent away ( another 25km ) and told to return 6 days later ( for some unexplained reason ) after whatever the last 4 day religious holiday we had. I got stung with a few other charges too, like 20B to print out another tax disc, because I had to change the plate, they also needed to print the 2 week old tax disc again. 1000B for an inspection, 150 km in juice, 10 hours of my life in DLT and 4 in immigration, 1800B fine in immigration for not filing a my residence + multiple 20B for this, that, English translation, stand in that queue, wait over there, go here, go there and buy some silly stamps .. Whatever.

    Thinking about that, I should probably pay the por-a-bor again, because thats on the old plate.

    I hope you have better luck.
  5. Follow up:

    Went to Chiang Mai LTD today (Nong Hoi branch), on inspection, I wheeled the bike up, the guy had a look at the exhaust, started the bike up, smiled, said it was too loud and that I should change it. However, no problem doing the transfer with it on.

    The other thing I found out - the bike I bought was off a guy who had left the country, visa expired. If the visa has expired up to 15 days, no problem, if over 15 days then its a 200B fine - with another form for the buyer to sign.

    That place and the Thai passport office are government services that really serve people well. I just wish they were all like that.
  6. Oh man, sorry to give you a bum steer - My Yoshi pipe on the Versys is LOUD and the guy didnt even glance at it - You must have been the unluckiest and luckiest guy out there today. At least you know that when it comes to the 'roadworthy' test you need to change it to the factory pipe.

    So you failed the test, but he passed you anywayz - right ? the bike is all in your name, done in a day - probably for less than 500B.

    .. And then when you produced a copy of the sellers passport / visa - they decided to charge you an extra 200B .. for what ? because his visa had expired ??
  7. Yeah, but his girlfriend paid the 200B. All in, a good day.
  8. Funny you mentioned Songkhla! I bought a small bike, Yamaha Nouvo 135, in Hat Yai and the DLT in Songkhla City gave me a hard time. The girl behind the counter told me that since I bought it in Hat Yai I'd have to do the title change there. I told her that I don't know where in Hat Yai the DLT is and that I changed titles from all sorts of places anywhere I lived. I finally asked to talk to her supervisor; she had a long talk with him first, then I was asked to sit down. He gave me the same nonsense, so I called a Thai friend, told him what's going on and he talked to the supervisor for some time. The super then agreed - just this one time - to do the transfer in Songkhla City.
    I talked to my Thai friend afterwards and he told me that these guys are plain lazy, so they send people who don't buy a car or bike in Songkhla City away.
    I never got loud or excited, I'm always friendly, always smiling, but I don't give up.
  9. Hat Yai DLT is great, its just a small office, its on the Big C extra road, not far from the big army barracks on the Songkhla > Sadao road. The guys remembered me from when I transferred my CBR from my wives name to mine a year previous, they talk in easy Thai and always polite and helpful. I never get the feeling of being left out of the loop or wondering.

    Songkhla is over-kill, every visit starts with a queue at the front desk to get a number to proceed. You are right, they are just plain lazy - I was ignored when I had to buy the 25B worth of stamps, when I was waiting for a queue number - the woman held my paperwork then asked what everyone else behind me wanted.

    However, it sounds a better place to transfer a bike with a loud pipe than CM ..
  10. I just bought a CBR500R which came with a LV slip on.

    No problem at all at inspection, they heard the bike but since the baffle was in they didn't sy anything.

    With transfer from other province I paid around 750B.
  11. Interesting. Had a couple of friends in different provinces asked to put the original exhaust back on at the inspection...

    Seems yet again the rules applied differently depending on where you are


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