Aftermarket plus size gas tanks for Kawasaki KLX250

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  1. Seems there are really only two options- Acerbis or IMS.

    Prices and sizes are about the same, so which one would you folks recommend? These are the only brands I could find. Perhaps there are others that my google-fu just isn't up to finding ;)

    Acerbis 3.7 gallon tank for KLX 250:


    or IMS which is sometimes listed as 3.2 gallon and sometimes listed as 3.7 gallon...


    Some folks report minor fitment problems, but nothing that can't be sorted.

    Bottom line, I'd like to get the one that's toughest. I understand these plastic tanks age and eventually have to be replaced. Anyone have experience with these brands and can comment on which one might be best?


    Tony :)
  2. From my days (20 years ago) of dirt bike riding Acerbis was one of the best brands you could buy. For sure you can't go wrong with it assuming they are still the same high quality products.

    I am also planning on buying an enduro. I saw you did some riding on a huge dirt area near BKK a few days ago. Why not open a "dirt track day" thread or so.

    Would be a good place to start sharing info/ideas on riding locations. :thumbup:
  3. Cheers!

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Yes, I've heard only good things about acerbis, and IMS has received mostly good reviews too.

    Guess they're both good and I should just choose the one that's less expensive.

    Good idea regarding a dirt thread- I'll start one in the "Central" section now :)

    Happy Trails!

  4. Just discovered one more aftermarket tank for the KLX:

    This tank is made by Clark and is 10 liters or about 2.6 gallons, so a bit smaller than the IMS and Acerbis. Haven't checked prices yet :)
  5. Good thing about clear ones is that you can see exactly how much fuel you have left.
  6. I use Clarke on my WR. Very robust and fits well. If you go down this route I would suggest replacing the included gas cap with an aftermarket billet one like the Tusk below as the plastic one will split around the top seam.
    Be careful with those little relief valves on top of the vent tubes. It caused all sorts of trouble for me, i.e. they sometimes dont allow air in causing vacuum locks.

  7. I have had Clarke and IMS on my dirt bikes back in farangland. Acerbis makes all the plastic for KTM, I like KTM's and have owned about 10 different models over the past 10 years. I suggest looking around on one of the 4 stroke dirt bike forums and see if you can find info on these tanks before you buy. I used to visit thumpertalk. Its a good resource for info on 4 strokes.
  8. Thank you all for the very helpful replies!

    I think I'll go with the IMS tank. It's the most expensive but seems like it's good quality and quite easy to fit. The Clarke tank is the smallest of the three and from what I've read the shape of the Acerbis tank is such that you can't really use the .7 gallons of gas that rests down in the "wings" of that tank.

    Should have the new tank in the next week or two! Will let you know how it goes.

    Thanks again!

    Tony :happy5:

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