AGV Sport Leather Racing Gloves.

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  1. Songkran is over so time to get back on your bike. Hopefully everyone has a decent helmet, jacket and boots but what about gloves?

    I have one pair of genuine, new and unused AGV Sport full length sport-racing gloves. They are black and size XL. Price is 3000baht including EMS delivery within Thailand.

    Details can be found at this link but main details are as follows...

    A full length sport-racing glove.
    Constructed of premium cowhide leather with high tear strength and abrasion resistance.
    Soft and comfortable interior.
    Leather reinforced palm, thumb and outer of little finger for maximum abrasion resistance.
    Extra palm pad is positioned on the base of the palm.
    Perforated leather panels between the fingers.
    An extra impact pad is positioned on the outside of the hand before the wrist.
    Genuine carbon fiber armor with shock absorbing memory foam on the knuckles for extra protection.
    High tensile strength nylon thread stitching used throughout.
    High impact or use areas are all double stitched.
    Double finger vents for maximum air-flow.
    Pre-curved fingers for a snug and comfortable fit.
    A pleated leather panel is used in the upper hand for the finest non-binding fit possible.
    Wrist strap with protective cover.
    Single cuff closure with shock absorbing foam padding in the wrist area.

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  2. Now available at the bargain-basement price of 2500baht inc delivery.
  3. Hello Mr.skybluestu

    Feel free to drop them at the CR Saddlebags shop tagged with the price you want. If they sell, they sell and no fee or commission charged by us. And if you sell them online due to your ads, you can just pick them up and ship them to the new owner. You can basically get some double exposure for them at no charge.
  4. Cheers mate, I may well do so. I need some chain lube so will drop them in when I come and get that.
  5. Another pair of black XL available, also at the reduced price of 2500baht.
  6. Surprisingly the last pair of these AGV Sport gloves are still available so now down to 2000baht, less than half the price similar gloves sell for here in Thailand! And there is 1 pair of the Speed & Strength gloves too which are now 1500baht but if anyone wants both I will sell both pairs for 3000baht including EMS within Thailand.

    Quite a few GT-Rider members have bought the Speed & Strength and gave very positive feedback. Or if you buy my Yamaha XJR1300SP I have for sale then the gloves will be included

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