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    AJ shop is open & he's ready for business






    AJ is a very polite, friendly guy. All bikers are welcome to drop in & say hello.
    His future plan it to develop a bikers coffee shop, & make his place a Bikers Family hang out.
    Do drop in if you're passing.
  2. A.J. is a Certified Harley Davidson USA Trained Technician and has been working fro H.D. in the US for about 17 Years. He is making a Month Long Trip back to finalise things over there and sort out all His Gear so You can expect Him back here in Chiang Mai again in April. As David said a Really Nice Guy and a Very Good Mechanic! I wish Him all the Best!
  3. Does anyone have an email or updated phone numbers, please. I got two numbers from TV, but no answer on either one. I have a big job for him and want to book some time
  4. The shop looks a bit different now compared to the Photo's David took when He was just finishing the Building! He has a Nice Coffee Shop and Apparel store as well now. Very Nicely done, the Work shop and Building is getting plenty of Use from all the Local Harley Guys giving plenty of Work to AJ. He also has a Guy who details Bikes. He isn't Cheap but Trust Me this Guy is completely Amazing You won't believe the Work He can do!!!
    Anyway back to You Question Kurt, Contact Details for AJ:
    Telephone: 0807930501
    E-Mail : [email protected]

    Good Luck. You won't be disappointed!

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