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  1. ALEPPO SYRIA 1974




    “When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn…” From song "Where have all the flowers gone” sung by Joan Baez.
  2. So true Hiko! They just keep Destroying Countries in the Name of Western Democracy! You were Lucky to see it before...
  3. And this has something to do with motorcycling in Thailand?
  4. Yes Rustic Charm it has to do something with motorcycling in Thailand, we are visitors here and we are all part of a global society, we must learn how to live locally and think globally. Maybe You understand that it hurts me that I"ve been in Aleppo polishing my motorcycle boots and joking with the funny young boys and then I see what is happening now. And I think You should also be a little concerned. I wrote a long reply to You a few months ago but I understood that it was not maybe very suitable to send, I was a little angry. This version is a little more mild...

    To make this message a little softer listen to this thread made in 1985:

  5. I can do without the lecture on how to live here thanks."Global society"? That's a good one! Best not to post whilst on the wacky-backy methinks. And it's a bit of a stretch thinking a couple of kids once polishing your motorcycle boots in Syria has something to do with motorcycling in Thailand. Come on, play the white man!
  6. i like your way to spell out the truth Rustic Charm you are not alone with your opinion 2 Thumbs up for you.
  7. If you don't have anything nice to say or anything positive to contribute, why not shut the hell up??
  8. He He Charming Rust,

    Your reply was very good and a little challenging.

    Sorry I do not try to lecture anyone. Sometimes I speak too much about my own experiences, especially now when I have just maybe succeeded to bypass some bad experiences.

    But I am quite convinced that You are a much more experienced motorcycle rider than I am and You are probably more “handsome” than I. You are probably also a better lecturer of International Affairs than I am. In which internationally recognized High Schools or Universities You have kept Your excellent lectures?

    You probably know better than me why 50.000 innocent people have died in Syria in one and a half year, and many of them were also motorcycle riders. Probably also the small kids polishing my shoes. And I am not a Pedophile and I prefer females. What about You?

    Yes global society means exactly what I thought You could have understood by the words from Michael Jackson’ and Lionel Richties beautiful song about 30 years ago. But You are more clever than me and I accept it.

    The words “wacky-backy methinks” I really do not understand. Yes I realize that my English is not so good, despite the fact that my Grandfather was English and invented the the world’s first Anesthesia procedure some hundreds years ago. But please tell me what wacky-backy methinks mean. I am a little stupid but You are so much clever.

    Yes I can play the “White Man’s Game”’

    Listen to “my” solo on a Saxophone.:

    With Great Respect and I would love to meet You.

    MP-Terveisin HIKO

    Ps1 If You want to sue me for insulting You the address is Banglamung Central Court on the same street where the Swedish Consulate is. I have had some affairs with both the ladies working at the Swedish Consulate and one judge at the Courthouse so just try Your Luck…
  9. Thread cleaned up.

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