All-State 4-Corners Peninsula Malaysia Ride. Motorrad Club Malaysia.

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  1. 10Mar2012. Motorrad Malaysia All-State 4-Corner Peninsula Ride

    Despite having been riding for almost 40 years, I have never circumnavigated Peninsula Malaysia. Years ago i did ride parts of the Peninsula, but never on a continuous basis. In fact, I have covered the whole of Thailand, Parts of Cambodia and Laos, but have up till now neglected to know my country better.

    Doing it alone would be ok, but having a couple of friends who are on the same wavelength is even better. So I set about floating the idea to get at least another 2-3 bikes to join me. As it turned out, more than 10 wanted to join in, and at that stage we decided to turn it into a Club ride. When the headcount was finalised, apart form the 10 who will be riding continously on the route, another 10 bikes will be joining in some of the stages.

    I started planning the Route about 3 weeks before the ride, using a combination of memory, Google and road maps. In order to hug as close to the coastline as possible, I had to do some guesswork as the roads were not on Google or wiki, nor was it on the printed map.

    Riding around the Peninsula is not unusual, and has been done many times by many other bike groups. However, none that we know of made full use of all the "B" , "C" and gravel route we were planning to use. Most were Highway followers, some indulging in a little "B" road excursions, but certainly none on gravel.

    To be really sure we were not doing something done before, I also located the 4 apexes/points/corners of Peninsula Malaysia. This more or less looks like a Rectangle with the corners apexing at te SW, SE, NE & NW positions. I also made sure that the Route will also cut through all the states of the Peninsula as well as the Federal Territory. The ride starts at Merdeka square, a place symbolic with Malaysian Independence, the site of the world's tallest flagpost. Malacca is also an important stop point, given its role in Malaysian History.

    I also wanted us to visit Tok Bali, a stop on the East Coast, significant because it was the place that marks the start of the Pacific War during WW2. As the first shots were fired here by the Japanese Army 8 hours before the Pearl Harbour Attack, this is where battles were raging as the first bombs dropped in Wickham Airfield in Oahu.

    A minimum distance of 2,500km was also set.

    The criteria/aim/goal were;

    a. To reach all 4 Apex points of the Peninsula. I was not sure if there's a Motorable road to those points after determining the positions by coordinates. I guess some things will have to be tackled when we got there.

    The Apexes are;

    a1. South West Most - Tg Piai, also the Southernmost Tip of Mainland Asia.
    a2. South East Most - Punggai, Johore
    a3. North-East Most - Pengkalan Kubur, Kelantan
    a4. North-West Most - Bukit Putih, Perlis

    b. No Highways unless totally unavoidable.
    c. To ride through all states and FT.
    d. Ride through Gravel to stay as close to the Thai Border.
    e. No backtracking unless unavoidable.
    f. At least 2,500km total

    There will be six nightstops; Malacca, Desaru, Cherating, Kota Bharu, Belum Resort, Penang. No night riding was planned. No 'Iron Butt' sectors.

    The Route looks like this;

    Although all were advised that DP Bikes were most desirable for the trip, World Adventurer / Photographer / Musician / Singer Extraordinaire Alex Wong chose to follow on his Ducati Streetfighter.

    The rest of us were on the BMW GS/As. The Roll Call of Riders who completed all 4 points were : My Wife & Me, Simon Saw & YY, Sunny Puan, Shaharin & Jane, Minesh, Alex, Gary, Assir, Mel, Jovey, John Dave and Maznah, the sole Lady Rider. Eddy Tan managed three APEX points. SP Lee, Aras, Ariff, Justine, Janna, Harris & Mona all joined in on various stages of the ride.

    The ride was real fun. On the first day a number of other rider joined in to Malacca, some staying on for the night. A few other riders joined us at Kota Bharu. Penang was really fun as a number of riders rode up to meet us, and joined the Penang - KL leg.

    It was a journey of discovery for all of us. This is one pretty country, with pristine beaches and excellent roads. Certainly much better than Thailand if you're a keen rider as the roads are so much better. I guess Malaysia is a Sports / Sports Tourer / Harley Territory. Thailand however have a more varied scenery, and also temperate type temperature in the upper latitudes. Thailand is also 3 1/2 times bigger than Peninsula Malaysia.

    We will ride on some of these roads as we make our way 'circumnavigating' the Peninsula.

    Pictures however tells a better story.

    Our first day ride route ;

    KL Merdeka Square - Bt Tinggi Klang - Morib - Coastal Port Dickson - Linggi - Kg Lereh - Puri Hotel, Malacca.


    We started early


    1Malaysia, with the World's Tallest Flagpole behind.

    We found a TV Crew awaiting. They wanted to know something about the ride and also see us of.

    We held a small briefing before departure

    Group Photo

    Leaving Dataran, the journey starts.


    I was having an evil grin stuck on my face, looking at the poor souls stuck in the traffic jam, facing the start of another dreary day in the office. And we're on our way to have fun.


    Mel is going all the way

    Aras will be joining us for the night in Malacca, then heading straight to Johore after Tanjung Piai the next day.

    Jeff is only following us to Port Dickson

    Hatta will follow us all the way to Malacca before turning back.

    Alex, the only one on a streetbike.

    After just 30 minutes on the road, we arrived here for breakfast. Assir, a veteran world travellr arranged for Dato Shaik to host the riders for breakfast



    We left after an hour there.

    We followed the coastal road to PD as planned

    The Lukut area has interesting curves, but the road has a bit of traffic




    After another hour on the saddle, we reached Port Dickson

    Another round of drinks at Pak Lang Cafe. This is a famous old school cafe owned by a Chinese but serving all kinds of food from Nasi Lemak to Koay Teow.

    Next stop, Malacca




    The roads were nice, passing through lightly populated areas with some traffic.

    We checked out this Observatory, used to spot the new moon to determine the start of the Muslim calender.

    As we approach Malacca I was pleasantly surprised to be riding through a Forest Reserve, with virgin jungles left and right.
    This is Hutan Rekreasi Sg Udang.

    We arrived at Hotel Puri, Malacca at 1400hrs.

    Eddy Tan in front of Hotel Puri. The Hotel has a facade of a shoplot, but it is deceptively big, at least 40 rooms in rustic setting, very nicely done

    Minesh coordinating room arrangements

    The interior


    Swifts have been making nests in the Hotel foyer since a long time ago, and they continue to do so unmolested. Something about good luck i was told.

    After settling down, we took a walk, to the famous "Jonkers Walk"

    Famous Ice Kacang ( shaved Ice with sweet condiments )



    Another famous food joint

    Having had our fill, the gang wanted to chill out




    The first day was a short ride of just under 300km. The roads were just better than OK, and as expected, the West Coast is a heavily populated area so we rode through very little rural area. I did notice interesting house and building designs, and just by entering Malacca the architecture changed markedly, with predominant Chinese features. Even the mosques had Pagoda style roofs.
    Malacca town has been done up nicely, but thankfully, not tacky. Clean, with all the significant buildings done up, it is a place that deserves at least a three night stay.

    As for us, we had dinner, the guys had some beer, and later to bed, ready for tomorrow.

    Our First Day Route.
  2. Hi XRRider,

    That is some epic ride you did. Kudos to you and the others.

    Nice write up and lovely photos.

    Thanks for sharing.
  3. What a great idea. Something else to think about. Some great pictures there too so keep 'em coming.
  4. Well done, Great Pictures, Great Bikes and even a Ferrari made an appearance! Looks like the Weather was pretty decent as well! Top stuff.
  5. Interesting photos & report. Thank you. Never been to Malaysia but now feel like I almost did! Some excellent looking road surfaces as well.
  6. 8Mar2012. Thursday. Motorrad Malaysia All-State 4-Corner Peninsula Ride Day 2

    Breakfast was generous and good. Everyone was looking forward to check out what the Southernmost Tip of mainland Asia looks like.
    We were also looking forward to using the newly opened Desaru Bridge that crosses Johore River, about 16km North of Singapore.

    We will be covering about 450km and our Route looks like this;


    Gary, John & Minesh having vegetarian

    We moved on towards A Formosa. Apprently the local Tourism people heard about us passing through and one of their Senior reps came to greet us.




    Malacca is rich in history, the Sultanate was at its height in the 13/14th Century, with vast influence in the Region.
    The Chinese led by Admiral Zheng Ho established ties between Malacca and China.
    A number of chinese settled there and their descendants now are called the Baba/Nyonya who have assimiated well albeit with a subculture unique to them.
    Its fame however, brought dire consequences unto itself. The Europeans were at that time looking East, and the Portuguese were the most ambitious of the lot,
    conquering Malacca in 1511. They then rebuilt Malacca with buildings that resembles those in Lisboa, with A Formosa being the crown jewel.
    A trading post, religious and administrative it is among the oldest surviving European architectural remains in Asia.
    The Porta de Santiago, a small gate house, is the only remaining part of the fortress still standing.

    This relic is where we took our group photos.

    We rode off after an hour there

    We passed this curiously designed mosque. Looks like a Chinese influenced Mosque.

    On the way to Batu Pahat. This was the only success story for the British during the Japanese invasion in WW2.
    It was the only place the japanese were held back. The Japanese after a week took an alternative route to circumvent the British as they headed for Singapore.



    Another TT stop

    140km south needs to be covered before we reach the Tip of Asia.


    We took a detour to Kukup for a seaafood lunch and rode along this tree lined road

    Lunch at Kukup, a bustling fishing town.


    Heading for the Tip.


    There was a small souvenir shop, so we got the certificate, bought some drinks and had ice cream.

    This monkey grabbed Alex's ice cream from his hands as he was eating it. Lightning move, followed by thieving satisfaction as the monkey enjoys his bounty.

    The Monument marking this geographical spot

    Group Pix

    Onwards to Desaru

    We were pleasantly surprised to be greeted by the Local Johore Bikers who waited for us at the junction as we exited Tanjung Piai.


    We RVed with the rest of the group at a petrol station.

    Meeting the local bikers was agood thing as Alex's Streetfighter needed a rear tyre change. The Local boys took him to a shop nearby,
    and Jovey accompanied Alex.

    The rest of the local boys escorted us to the new Desaru Bridge, passing some B roads and ending up on the new highway.







    After about 20 minutes on the highway, the new bridge looms ahead

    The bridge was deserted so we stopped right in the middle



    Me and my wife ( 90% photos by her )

    It was just another 20km to the hotel.

    The Hotel.

    This is a place not fit even for dogs. It is rundown, looks eerie, run by sullen unmotivated staff. We christened the place Ariff Hilton,
    a tribute to one of our buddies who booked the place. In all fairness, it was not his mistake, but we knocked him about nonetheless.

    Another good ride in fine weather. I am glad to leave the West Coast, looking forward to riding along the South China Sea,
    where the population is scarce, skies and seas showing a lot more Blue. We all looked forward to tomorrow.

    8Mar2012. Thursday. Motorrad Malaysia All-State 4-Corner Peninsula Ride Day 2
  7. Looks like a great ride... Sadly I see the message " This person moved or deleted the image " for most of the pics.

    Do you have any gps files that you can share in the GPS tracks section?

    A few of us are planning another trip to Malaysia end of the year / early next year.. Would be great to see your routes and may be include some of them in our journey.

  8. So sorry, but my Photobucket's user quota probably hit its limits. Will see to that in a bit.
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  10. You should see something to the bottom right side.. "Edit Post" on your original post. not further down where the other posts are.

    Click on that or advanced otherwise.. Going from memory here..

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