All the vehicles are going

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  1. 2005 Chevrolet Pickup Colorado, four door with 13K Klms 500K Baht

    Yamaha 535 60K ( import papers only)

    Honda Phantom, show bike 50K

    Honda Dream 125R 5400 KLms 20 K
  2. 125's sold already, sorry
  3. 2205 Does it have intergalactic 4WD and time travel ?
  4. No but it ha a loose nut that drives it LOL
  5. Well I guess I will have to find something in South America if things work out LOL
  6. Ray if you are off to South America have a mate there in Equador, just bought a chinese trail bike bit like ian Bungy's and doing some touring on it, where are you going, last time we spoke you were interested in getting a trailer for your truck
  7. This is all a dream at the moment a lot things have to come together for me to pull this off, Originally I will try my base myself in Gaudalajara and then go explorigng before I settle into anything. But as I said a lot thing have to come together correctly first.
  8. Life is one day at a time kinda comes that way LOL

    We will see what happens, Haven't bought nay airline tickets just yet.
  9. Pardon my Ignorance but What is a Yamaha 535?
    Cheers Ian.
  10. Ian in OZ and KIwi Land, its known as a Yamaha Virago
  12. John how does yuor friend like Equador? Easy visa regs there a a matter of fact dual citizenship is offered?

  13. Ray, will send you his emails, off air, complete with fotos, the guy is having a ball, hopes to go up to Machu Pichu
  14. Wow John your friend is a real adventurer, those weer really neat photos
  15. Ok I now have one pickup and one Virago left. I will stop now.

    Thanks guys

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