All those who've had Suzuki Djebel's.

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  1. cdrw

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    I've diligently searched the net numerous times, but cannot find a answer...only others posting the same question:

    The Djebel has an electronic speedo, mileage and trip info... do you reset the trip info and clock time???
    I understand a separate booklet comes with a new Djebel providing Japanese. I neither have the booklet nor read Japanese!

    If someone can provide a detailed answer (what keys to push) I'd
    post the info onto others.

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  3. SilverhawkUSA

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    It took me a while to figure it out also. It is a lot like using a multifunction wristwatch. After I got it working I found a workshop manual and it has a section on setting the meter.

    Here is copy from the manual, minus illustrations. The manual is almost more confusing but I think if you look at the steps at the same time you play with the meter you can figure it out;

    With each press of the MODE TRIP button, the display changes between tripmeter A, tripmeter B, and the odometer (total miles). The cursor/underline indicates that the setting can be changed.

    With each press of the MODE TIME button, the display changes between the clock, the stopwatch and the timer.

    Do not press more than one button at a time.


    Press TRIP to switch between A & B

    Press TIME/trip to change from addition subtraction mode. The plus/minus will scroll through the numbers.

    Press the SET TRIP button to reset the selected tripmeter.


    Hold down the MODE TIME button for 3 seconds. The setting that is flashing can be changed (Use the time button to switch). Use the plus/minus button to set.

    Press the TIME button to return to normal display.


    Press TIME button. The setting that is flashing can be changed. Use the TIME/TRIP button to change from hrs-min-sec. Use plus/minus to set the time that will countdown from. Finish entering settings and press TRIP. Use the TIME/TRIP button start/stop. Hold the TIME/TRIP button for 3 seconds to reset to zero.

    Good Luck!
  4. cdrw

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    Thank you very much!!

    I'd previously used 5 different search engines seeking to get
    an answer...and encountered at least a dozen Djebel owners having posted the same 'how do you..'question. replies!

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