Almost new 2011 White Kawasaki Ninja 250R for sale

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  1. *SOLD*

    Purchased new on the 26/11/2010 from Kawasaki Big Bikes in Chiang Mai. Only 200km, I haven’t really had a chance to ride often and I’m selling due to this and personal financial reasons. This is not a panic or rushed sale so no crazy offers please. No modifications, only accessory installed is the tank protector seen in the picture below.

    12 months Insurance 9,025 Baht starting 26/11/2010 paid via Kawasaki, they tell me this is transferred with sale of the bike and so is the compulsory insurance which was 645 Baht. Note the plates and green book haven’t arrived yet, I spoke to Kawasaki today and this will not be a problem to transfer to the new owner. I have all receipts, warranty card, owner’s manual.

    Total purchase price with insurance was 147,500 + 9,025 + 645 = 157,170

    Selling with insurance for 134,000

    Attached files 263825=434-DSC01716. 263825=435-DSC01717. 263825=436-DSC01719.
  2. Price reduced to 134,000 Baht.

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