Alpinestars VS Sidi boots ????

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  1. I am in the market for new boots and see that Paddock has some uncharisterically fair prices on selected Sidi and Alpinestars boots
    In particular the Sidi Vertigo Corsa at 9900 and Alpinestars S-MX-R at 8900

    Any comments on which is the "better" boot and applicability for touring riding rather than racing
  2. I have a pair of Sidi Vertigo Goretex boots and they seem decent enough. Well made and comfortable, easy to get on and off. Only down side is they are pretty rigid especially for gear changes etc but good protection. They are also 100% waterproof. Seen a few of the guys with Alpinestars and they seem rather awkward to get on. Think I paid just under 7,000B in Singapore for them. Only thing is if you are getting them mail order get a size or size and a half bigger they seem to have small sizes. I usually take UK 9 or Euro 43 but the Sidi boots are UK 10.5, Euro 45, US 11. Also means you can get thicker socks on for the cold season, if they are a bit big.
  3. Hoghead

    in paddock ws there sidi boots size 11.5UK?? as im looking for them,they are really good and comfortable boots for my feet.
  4. Hi Hoghead.

    I've only had experience with 1 pair of Alpinestars gloves and one pair of Sidi MX boots. The gloves fell apart in less than a year whereas I passed the boots on to a Thai mate last year after 15 years of great wear.



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