Alternate Ride from Udon to Khon Kaen

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  1. I've been considering taking Highway 2023 in Kumphwapi south to 2152 and west into KK on 209, but I'm unsure of the conditions of the road. Is anyone familiar with this route?

    I'm not looking to make good time, just a nice leisurely ride as an alternative to "playing chicken" with the daredevils on Highway 2.

  2. Hi Ricohoc,
    i used these roads myself regularly when I lived in KK. Quiet roads in good order. I used to go direct to the traffic lights in Kranuan, turn right on 2039 for 3 or 4 km and turn left at Nong No, small quiet road, very scenic goes through Huai chot and runs onto road left to Ban Kam with the famous Wat, onto the 2183, through Khok Si to the 209. This avoids to much distance on the busy 209. Look forward to hearing how you do. Cheers. john
  3. Thanks, John. That's exactly for what I was hoping.

    I thought about taking it yesterday when I went to KK, but was on a schedule and didn't want to hamper that. Also thought about it coming back to UTH, but wanted to beat the rain.

    I'll try it soon after Songkran and file a report. :D
  4. I barely understand the speed with which many of the cagers execute on Highway 2, but I will never understand their fascination with purposely cutting off motorcycles when there is nothing in front of them in the passing lane. Their "rush to nowhere" puts so many in danger with the situations they create with unsafe speeds, unsafe following distances and unsafe passing.

    My last trip on Highway 2 to Khon Kaen was amazing. I only had one dangerous situation in the round trip. That's a record.
  5. I did Udon to KK just a few days ago with a dark to-becoming-rain sky .... while a truck is passing a truck and 2 cars are driving behind that truck I am riding behind those 2 cars when another car follows behind starts flashing his lights and using his horn. I do not know where I thinks I have to go ...UP?
    I slowed down at took a left just behind the truck that was being passed so the idiot could pass me.

    After that I followed the idiot and he thought that he could go faster and faster to loose me .... no brains at all. So at 150km/h is slowed down for safety reasons but I am sure he was not so happy anymore in his car.

    That are the moments I wished I had a build-in James-Bond machine gun in my bike! On the other hand .... good I do not have that build-in gun because I am not sure if I could behave myself.

    Chang Noi
  6. Thanks, marcusb! I'll check it out. Anything is better than Highway 2 Hell. :smile1:

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