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  1. This is my first Post here where I actually try to contribute something. The Info is from last year and might be a bit outdated, but should still be valid.

    Your's truly and a friend brought 2 250cc Dirt Bikes in from Cambodia and rode from the border to Savanakhet in southern Laos.

    There's basically only one Highway in Laos which runs from the Cambodian Border northwards to China. The first couple of hundred clicks from Savanakhet to Vientianne are essentially boring, espacially on a smaller dirt bike and our butts where pretty sore to beginn with.

    So we decided to check out alternative transportation Options and ended up at the Bus Station in Savanakhet.

    It turned out that they would take our bikes and ourselfes on the Bus to Vientianne at the next day. We had to turn up early for the first Bus, so the driver and some of his mates where able to get the Bikes on the roof of the bus. Appart from some heartstopping moments where the bikes where dangling from a pretty thin rope everything went fine.

    We were slightly afraid of getting ripped of at some point (after all we would not be able to simply walk away or get the bikes down again by ourselfes) but nothing happend. As far as I remember we payed about 15$ US per Bike and Person.

    Some Pictueres:





    For us this was an essentially good choice of transportation and I would recommend it for boring roads. You can even get yourself some valium and turn what would be a hard days riding in a quite relaxing experience.

    Hope this helps
  2. Cmon, are you a backpacker or biker??
  3. Well you have a point there, not the coolest way of getting around. But then one of the advantages of a smaller bike (like a 250cc) is that you can transport it without to much of problem.

    In the end this might have been lame, but this way we had a releaxed, nice ride to Vang Vieng afterwards.

    Apart from that my natural coolnes makes up for any lapses in transportation :)
  4. nice transport bro

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