Aluminium welding repair Chiang Mai

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  1. Looking for someone to repair crack in aluminum frame on my bicycle. Crack is almost full circumference of 2mm thick circular tube just below the seat post clamp ... tricky job.

  2. Thanks David ... perfect.

  3. If you would like to get your bicycle powder coated after the repair that can be done in Chiag Mai as well.

    I have the contact info somewhere.
  4. Richco Powdercoating on Wulai Rd.

    081 030 8307

    I have some bits there now being cleared over polished aluminium. The powder was specially imported from the States for me as the Thai clear is crap and yellows. This US stuff is guaranteed not to yellow, but time will tell.
    If it works as advertised it should be great.
  5. Took the bicycle in this morning ... very few house #s on Rakaeng ... from the moat continue through the offset intersection ... cross small bridge and its on your left hand side ... big white shed ... driveway down the middle ... welding on the left auto parts on the right. Very mcycle friendly environment.

    Although quite busy, the young welder did the job while I waited. Paid 200 baht, and was even issued a receipt from the smiling young receptionist!

    As the frame is polished aluminium (bit like a box section swingarm to look at) with the original meaty welds adjacent, the repair is almost invisible. 2 minutes to clean off the burnt lacquer with steel wool and no further cosmetic work required.


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