An enjoyable 2 day trip on the Nouvo

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  1. This year I did not do any party in CNX and therefor went up to my partners place in Chaiprakarn for a nice family gathering with dinner and new year celebrations.
    As in December 2012 there's a lot of turmoil on the roads including the usual carnage I decided to take the Nouvo135 for a spin as easy to handle and quick enough for the back roads. The diretissima via Chiang Dao was an absolute NO-NO, so I decided to head to Mae Jo, Phrao and then on to Chaiprakarn.
    The 1001 is not only a good road for biggies but also easily done with a scooter. As I squeezed the living sh** out of it I needed to refuel in Phrao already which is 115 kms from my place; no other vehicle overtook me the whole way. Did this with a big grin on my face. #1001, CNX-MaeJo-Phrao did not have any traffic so was an easy safe ride although going downhill, one is reminded that a scoot doesn't have the brakes a biggie has............started sweating and struggling trice in corners while trying to avoid a 'last day of the year crash'....................
    After petrol and ciggie I headed onto the 1050 westbound and then turned into the 1346. I enjoy this little mountainroad very very much so the scoot did it again without any glitch only having to avoid a Bkk numberplated japanese fishcan rolling backwards as driver didn't know how to go up a steeper incline.
    Made all in good time for the remaining 60 kms and booked into one of the 2 resorts in Chaiprakarn, just where the road (#107) enters the town and gets into 4 lanes. My partner made the booking, so no 'special charge' and a nice setting.
    Evening we spent with 20 persons, all relatives but not all of course and then the younger ones including me the old fart went to the Resort which also has a nice little Pub upfront. Whiskey and Leo were plentiful and all in all that cost me in total for all a mere B 8,000.-. Unbelievable cheap just considering the masses of food and Jamesons bottles. Next advantage was that no-one needed to drive as they all could reach their places while walking.
    Up in the morning, getting myself a little humanised again with shower, coffees and cigarettes made me leave earlier than expected back to CNX the same way I came.

    First the bridge just shortly after the 1346 starts from the 107. Construction is now finished, just 2 small patches not yet paved so careful everyone.

    Then into the hills and time for a ciggie stop near the village of Ban Lom (??):

    And a last shot from shortly before joining the 1050 and heading into Phrao:

    Sorry, fotos taken with my old Nokia so not the perfect shots anyway.
    Stopped over in Phrao for fuel and headed back to MaeJo. Saw how the roads clogged up and turned right to Mae Rim for some munchies at the X-Center, hell Mae Rim was totally jammed, so decided to go 'the long way home' via Samoeng loop, must have been double quick as anything close to Mae Rim and CNX was fully stuck with Vigooooooos and Foatunaaaaass. Up into the MaeSa valley there was also mayhem but after the elefant camp it thinned out considerably only to have our usual road to ourselves after the viewpoint.
    Must also say that there were a lot of checkpoints but during the day no controls whatsoever especially on this rural roads. Did not even see one accident so I know I made the right choice for this route. Roads were general in a good condition just on the 1346 some places are a little potholed but no problem with that. Only thing I noticed is how slippery some parts again became, would need some heavy rain once to wash the soot away.
    Did all in all around 500 kms in around 24 hours and do not feel any pain at all, must admit I saw things I ususally don't because of the difference in speed.
    So MHS loop on scooters should be a GO soon....................cheers, Franz
  2. Nice to see you could find some open roads for a New Year holiday ride! Those are great roads no matter what you're riding! Happy New Year!! :happy1:
  3. Sounds like a fun ride, makes me smile to think of you on the 1001 wringing everything out of the poor Nouvo, so no one could squeeze past.
  4. Yep that was fun !! Must admit I really enjoy riding both the FJR and the Nouvo, they never gave me any troubles and are as it seems indestructible. Enjoyed the 'squeezing bit' very much, but as you know me I love to do this with any vehicle......555555555555.
    John, let's get together soon and talk about a scooter loop, would propose: CNX-Chomthong-Doi Inthanon-Mae Chaem-Khun Yuam-MHS-Phangmapha-Pai-Maemalai-CNX (I think no need to risk that bloody Chomthong to Hot piece of iceskating road)...............rgds, FR
  5. 5555 Agree 100 % with John

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