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  1. To my biker mates in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I have an idea. I want to start a Rock N Roll stile bar Grill style place for bikers and freinds, a mini resort. I have already the land and 95% of everything in place including deep swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, workshop, a showroom to sell or store bikes etc. anybody interested in getting involved? I can plan a date this month and we could meet up at the location in Baan Pong, just off the Someung Lopp on route 1269. This is no rip off concept, I just want to get busy again and would like to do it with a few freinds getting involved and helping out. My wife owns the 3 Rai of land and the buildings. I see it as a great new hobby as I am not looking to profiteer from this, but have a super homestead for bikers in Thailand.

    Take my hand and together we can Rock and Roll.

    I have staff full time already looking after the property, I just need new ideas, we have had the place for over 7 years now and it is just idle, I want to bring life to it with your help. I have a fairly big storage area which can be turned in to a nice pub. Give me some feedback lads and lassies, could be a fun new year.....


  2. Why not! More the Merrier! Let Us know when and Maybe GPS Co-ordinates will help when You have a Date in mind? Good Luck Mate.
  3. Will be interested to come and join in the discussions, will look out for your posting giving date and exact location
  4. Sounds cool! Look forward to checking it out if you get it up and running. :happy1:
  5. Thanks lads,

    The place is a bit of a mess at the moment, but it wouldn't take too much to clean up. I'd like to try and tie it in with other active businesses such as Ian's X centre, as we are kind of at the other end of the road. If anybody wanted to help in the way of catering, bike hire I have the facilities and would over them almost for free. Maybe I am dreaming a bit but, the infrastructure is all pretty much there, and it is all at low cost. Will get the GPS co-ordinates tomm, but it is basically headed from the Hang Dong Road first left turn past Fondcome village. Nice spot....


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