An interesting quirk in Devoirce laws

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  1. So you have been a good scout and gotting your protective lease. But yuo are here on a marriage visa, guess what you isa is no longer good. You have to get the retirment or someother type of visa to remain. A friend just went through this as he was buying a new bike, we let him put the bike in our name until he could get the right visa. He works outside the country and travels back and forth every month. His lease helped in getting a new annual visa.

    So he has the new visa we are off to immigration to get the letter to put the bike in his name. We get to the Land Transport Office first thing the guy wants to see is a signature form the ex wife saying he was renting there. The lease meant nothing to him. Well if I donl think many ex's pissed off creatures that they can be is going to cooperate in these instance. The guy at the office idea get a new wife and put the bike in her name. Now that was a lot of help.

    Well we had ehard that yuo could d the registration process with out t the immigration aspect with a Yellow Tamboon Book. Found an obscure Thai law that says the book can be issued to a leasee without the owners signature if the lease had be registered at the local Amphur. This one had been, took a bit talking but they issues the book. They issued the book in his name cost a whopping 200 baht. This was a first for the local Amphur they had never issued a book to a farrang before without a wife's signature.

    Off to the Transport office here in Udon, different then the first location only for motorcycles. They accepted the book.

    Altough it can be done I think the smart way to do this is to get the book even if the marriage lloks good, one never knows how life is going to flow. All the book really says is your registred at the location as living there. But, it makes things easier to register vehicles in your name and to get drivers licenses.

    We finished everything up today , we had anothre aspect that we didn't know how things weer going to go. The friend ordered a new bike form a local dealer here, brought in parts and was reasseymbled. The dealer got a book out of Rayong for the bike in the first place You hear a lot about dodgy books. So when the bike was transfered to my friends name , the book was also transfered to Udon. So an inspection of the numbers on the bike and book was done it went right through. That was good to see.

    Cost of transfer on the new bike and fees for next year was 1810 baht. The original dealer agreed to take care of all this for 4K baht. To be honest it was easy.

    By the way no tea money asked for or paid. Which I think was what the original guy at the Transport office was looking for. Even made the statement that a single farrang could not own a vehicle in Thailand. Well he got no money adn the transfer was made.

    So things went sour for awhile but in the end worked out just fine.
  2. Ray, just another case of T.I.T., glad that everything worked out fine. Hopefully the new Government will rethink the current Visa policies and make it easier for under 50 foreigners to obtain a one-year visa especially when they are married. But as always, everything is possible, just depending which office you are going to..............
  3. Yes it is a Funny System here isn't it? I have My Yamaha and Triumph in my name without any hassles by supplying the Yellow Book but as you say they are not that common and i doubt alot of Guys know about them?
    I even Brought a Tiger Smart for the Staff in Pattaya just walked in with the book and walked out with the Bike, Of course had to pay for it as well :wink: I used to have my 1 Year Visa through our Company when i lived in Phuket but changed it to the Marriage Visa when i shifted to Chiang Mai, Less paper Work and can still get my Work Permit ( Not that i do any Work!!! ) When i am 50 i will change to the Retirement Visa!
    Advantage : Less Paper Work and Issued Immediately same Day!!!
    Disadvantage: Having to have 800.000 Baht in the Bank!!!
  4. Well it might be good to share that with others, since everyone, including me, seems to think you need a Non Immigrant visa of some sort to pull it off.
  5. I think that all they want is confirmation of your credentials:

    1. Who you are = passport or Thai ID

    2. Where you live = immig or embassy letter / tabian baan.

    All so that they can track you down if your vehicle is in accident & you / the driver does a runner.

    Simple really & not much of a problem if you understand where they are coming from & probably not a great deal different from the west I would think.
  6. Thailand being Thailalnd I think it will depend on where you apply, Udon yuo need a Non O to get a license and to register a vehicle in your name along with an immigration letter confirming you can in fact purchase a vehicle. However with the yellow Tamboon book, you can skip immigration.

    In the instance described originally the guy at the Transport Offfice was looking for Tea money he didn't get any. But it did force to do things properly which as it turned out was not that difficult.

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