Android Gps Apps

Mar 30, 2010
G'day All,

Thought I would share the GPS related apps I have on my Android phone.

OSM And+
The paid for version.. Couple hundred baht to support the servers / community.
Updated by people like you and me.. No waiting for a commercial map to come out and getting behind because you don't want to spend the money year on year..
Commercial maps will have more hotels and other details.. But with a bit of planning on your trip.. You can sort this before hand..
The tracks and trails / roads are all there in most cases.. I have been using this in Bangkok / Thailand / Laos / Vietnam for years.

I use OSM on my Garmin GPS.. Also have it on my phone in case the Garmin breaks or is lost.. Good back up.
The app looks and feels exactly like the Garmin.

OSM Tracker
Oddvar put me on to this.. It is / was great.. But not sure what happened.
The tracks won't be read in certain applications and had some other issues after a few updates of Android and other software.
Great when I didn't have anything else..

Geo Tracker
This is my preferred beast for recording my rides now.. (Besides the GPS on the bike for Bigger rides )
Records moving time etc.. So far no issues with opening the tracks in other applications.



There are lots of other options too..

GPS Viewer


GPX Track Editor
As it suggests. Allows you to edit tracks on your phone.
Handy if someone sent you a track and you only want or need a certain portion of the track.
You don't want all the extra detail or rats nest of back and forth.. This allows you to edit it.
Handy when on the road.

Google Earth
Great for an overview.. But beware, some of the maps can be 10 or more years out of date when zooming in close..

Google Maps.
OK in towns.. Not so good when remote or in Laos etc..
Take you all over the place or fails to route.. or just out of date.

Feel Free to share any GPS Apps you have on you Android device here.

In summary.. The two I use most of all are:-
Geo Tracker

Hope this of use.



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Mar 18, 2013
Something happened to OSMTracker. It is/was great as it did not use much battery. Easy to upload to your OSM account or export to your device as a GPX file.
Mar 30, 2010
Russ uploads my tracks to OSM..
But when I do it.
I use the tracks off the Garmin as more accurate.
Plus usully edit them out side of the OSM interface.. As much easier than uploading than trying to edit in the Java OSM JOSM interface.. find it a bit clunky.

Still use OSM Tracker for quick and easy saving of way points like restaurants etc.

Upload GPS tracks - OpenStreetMap Wiki
Mar 21, 2005
Many years ago I we did some motorbike tours through North Thailand, supported by David's books. I learned firsthand a good map is very important, especially in a country like Thailand with its special alfabeth.
Fast forward in time I'm now part of a dedicated team of volunteers responsible for the Waze map of Thailand. (
We have been working for the past 5 to 6 years to build a map of the country. Other teams are working to build and maintain the map in all other countries in the world.
For Thailand we try to incorporate user feedback to improve our map. So if anyone has Waze experience and has suggestions for improvement I'd be happy to learn those. And in case you've never used Waze then just install it on your phone. It's free