Andy Caldecott's Dakar KTM Factory 700 Repsol Bike For Sale‏.

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    A mate of mine is looking after the sale of Andy’s KTM, and thought I put it up here.

    Gday 2 Wheel Enthusiast’s,

    I’m selling for and on behalf of Tracey Caldecott , Andy’s 06 Factory Bike, one of the true last Factory 700’s.

    This bike has naturally a lot of History, being Andy picked up the ride at the last minute in Dec 05 when Jordi Vladoms got injured, and Andy’s fateful stage 9,Jan 9/06.

    Naturally this bike is more of a collector’s item, and would like it to go to a good home, hoping to get as much as I can for Trace, Caitlin and Mitch, open for offers of $50,000 and over, the price being determined if you could and even get one from the Factory would be much more and that Marc Comas Factory 450 went for $65,000 Aus.

    Contact Rosco at [email protected]


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    I met Andy once in the 90's at the Finke Desert race in Alice Springs and used follow his racing in the Dakar and was shocked and saddend by his untimely death all the best in selling the bike for his family, the bike is way out of my price range.
    I will be in Alice Springs next month for the 2012 running of the Finke Desert race so will post some photos and stuff if anyone is interested.

    Cheers Brad.

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