annoying newbie questions...

Jun 15, 2004
accidentally posted this on the laos forum only...

hi there, i'm planning a trip around all of SE asia in about a year and am doing my best to find out the details about certain things.

there's so much damned info on this site and i only have limited computer time and limited patience for staring at a screen so i'm asking a couple of direct yet admittedly naive questions.

1. solo trips in the GT - good or extremely stupid idea?
2. the borders into vietnam - what is the deal? do they just not allow large bikes in?
3. how long do the majority of you trek in a day? please give answers for maintained roads and for bad conditions.
4. i'm planning on using chiang mai as my base early on, getting my motorbike/thai road legs back for about a month and then buying a decent ride. bike shops in CM? any ideas?

any and all help is appreciated. if you can PM me through the board, go ahead or email me at [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
May 17, 2003
I can only speak to 2 of your questions.

1. Why not go solo? I did a 3 week tour of Thailand on my FIRST trip to Thailand without knowing anyone or speaking a single word of Thai. My last trip to Thailand I was there nearly 2 months just my wife and I. We had a great time.

3. Usually I don't do more than 300km in a day just because you don't get to see much if you try to do more. Alternatively I have needed to make time and get on down the road to catch a plane or some such. On those days I have done 1,200km in a day. I don't reccomend it. This is in Thailand or Malaysia.

If you go to Cambodia you will be lucky to do 300km per day if you are pushing it. Similarly in Vietnam. Have never done Laos so can't discuss it.

Just to let you know the Thailand and Malaysia trips were done on a Yamaha VMax that I own when I lived in Singapore. The Cambodia and Vietnam trips were on rental bikes when I had flown in.