Another Africa Twin joins the Chiang Mai crowd!

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  1. After a lot of hunting and very serious thought (especially about that gorgeous black 2000 model already in Chiang Mai) I've made my purchase, so here she is!

    Originally advertised as a '99 model I had to point out to the owner that as the bike had an 11 digit VIN she had to be a '95 or older..... Honda went to 17 digit VIN's in '96, right across the board.


    Also as you can see she has the later design body plastics which I believe were introduced in '93 (prior to that they had the "squared off" tail light assembly, remember?) so, as I have yet to find an accurate way of decoding an 11 digit VIN (17's are easy!) all I can say is she's either a late '93, or a '94 or '95 model. She's also been given a year 2000 design pain job which makes 'er a bit sexy, no? I have no idea of the why's and wherefore's about mis-matched rims..... the previous owner didn't either. Hopefully it wasn't anything serious: she's running good and true now.


    The book is as kosher as an older big bike's registration book in Thailand can be ( :shock: ) ie. the (stamped) number plate matches the book and the 11 digit VIN on the neck matches the one in the book, so there's a good start anyway!


    Hopefully I'll be able to register her in Chiang Mai with minimal problems (previously Chonburi registered) and, after she's had a good once-over I'll be introducing her to all the wonderful twisty bits and rough roads the "Top End" has to throw at us! At least it'll save beating the crap out of the Electra Glide: she can earn a nice semi-retirement just doing smooth cruising from here on in!

    And yes, I've changed me avatar to match! :smile1:

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  3. KZ25

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    Hope the bike is a s nice as it looks!
    The book may well be real, I've come across a lot of bikes legally registered in the early 90s.
    Did you check the inside of the plastic parts for stamps? They may not be original of course but they can give you a clue about the year.
  4. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    If it is any help I have manuals for the AT
    1. Honda Parts Manual.
    2. Honda Service Manual
    3. Haynes Manual.

    Your VIN numbers should probably start with RD0_ & RD07__ to be legit AT numbers.
    You can also look at the code numbers on the wire harness under the seat, if they are still there.
    If you have air valves in the front forks, then it should be earlier than 95 I think. After 95 there was no air valves in the front forks.
    I have a rebuilt YSS rear shock for sale. The shock was rebuilt by Walter Preisig in Oz & is a first class rebuild.
  5. Great info, many thanks David. I'll check out the forks for air valves as soon as I get me hands on the bike...... she's being looked after in 5 star air con comfort in Laem Mae Phim till I can get out of this fly-blown dump Cairo!
    The VIN's on the bike and in the book match and yes, they start with RD0_ & RD07__
    I'll pick the bike up soon and ride her home by way of Bkk, K'buri, around the back of Si Sawat and up the western route so by the time we're in CM I'll know if I need to make you an offer for the shock..... cheers! I know already a new chain and sprockets are needed...... anyone local supply?
  6. G'day anyone out there that may be able to HELP. IM AN AUSSIE paraplegic 41 yold. looking at building a CRF TRIKE ENDURO. could someone put me onto anybody that is familiar to Honda as I want to know are CRF 450 common for parts in Thailand. Thanks. WEDGE.
    I've visited Chiang Mai 3 times this year. In Thailand again on 9th dec 2012.
  7. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Both the CRF 250 & 450 X & R are not common in Thailand. The only Common one is the New CRF250L, Made & Sold here. It would make an Unusual trike? I know a Guy who could build it but He will be busy till around April next Year! Good Luck.
  8. Thx Ian. So is it simple to register the 250 Honda as a new bike and put in my name? Do I buy it, then just turn it into a Trike and say no more, or convert it, then register as a trike.

    What is cost per year for crf250 in REGO. Do u need to reapply for REGO every year or just pay it every year like Australia ?

    Thx anyone who can assist me GRthis's round the GILLS on all this...
  9. Hey mate, I think you'd get a far better response to your questions if you started a specific thread about them...... there's a lot of helpful folk out there but you're asking specific questions on the tail end of a thread which is nothing near what info you're after, and which not many folk will read now as it's old news...... just a thought. Good luck.
  10. I totally agree. I new to forums to be honest and trying to workout where you start a new thread?? Silly me! :)
  11. alfie

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    Hi there!,

    I wouldnt mind a copy please.

    Thanking you in advance.

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