Another Classic Bike Back On The Road

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  1. Think..... Paris, Beaujolais, girls with wolly hats, art students and 1960's... wonderful..
    Just finished some restoration work on a 1957 Mobylette. Now, before you all laugh (which would be quite understandable....) I wish to categorically say that this machine is nothing at all to do with me. The owner too, wishes to remain anonymous but the he acquired it in Vietnam as a gift for his wife.
    It needed a new Guertner carburettor as the cheap chinese carb was broken.
    Also some remedial work was needed on the steering tube and forks. The tube needed to be extended and the top nut replaced. Also had to weld an insert into the bottom crown to support the steering tube properly. After re-wiring and fitting new chains plus a tensioner, it is now operational.
    50cc, 2 stroke, no battery, no gears. Just a pedal it and the automatic centrifugal clutch will turn the egine over, twist the throttle and it starts. Then off you go down the road like a..... well.... 1960's female art student, I suppose...
    On the initial test ride, after the repairs were completed, the owner complained that there was no throttle response...... hahahahA..... what do you expect.... it is all of 2hp.....:p
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  2. There appear to be a lot of these Mobylettes running about in Vietnam. The have been assembled locally from spares in and the builders do a pretty good job.
    It will do about 25kph on the flat and can just about climb a slight hill using the pedals to assist.....
  3. There you go....your new "go to 7-11" ride :cool:
  4. Very Cool, A bit of Classic Asia I guess You could call it?
  5. Bloody hell that's an amazing little machine.
    Great work
  6. Winner,, I want one..
  7. too light to make a useful boat anchor

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