Another digital map coming for Thailand

Jun 21, 2006
Just read this report, wonder if we might be able to download this version onto a GPS

Posted: Sat Nov 03, 2007 1:40 pm
Post subject: MappointAsia complete navigable digital map databaseThailand
Tele Atlas in joint venture with MappointAsia Thailand
source: Thomson Financial

Tele Atlas NV said it entered into a joint venture with MappointAsia Thailand to set up a new subsidiary to be called Tele Atlas Thailand Co Ltd.

The new business will operate independently, focusing on delivering a complete navigable digital map database of the country.

Based in Bangkok and employing more than 100 database production and collection staff, the joint venture will be immediately operational.

Tele Atlas also announced the deployment of its first mobile mapping van in Southeast Asia in downtown Singapore.

The deployment of the new vehicle is the second vehicle in Tele Atlas' Asia Pacific fleet.


Jun 27, 2007
As long as it has Lat and Lon, UTM or some sort of grid reference no problems for some programs, such as oziexplorer.

When and were will the map be available. What scale will it be in, idealy it needs to be in 1-50000.
Oct 17, 2006
Dear Mr.Pico,

The map of Thailand v.8 will launch on November 15 which is call
Thailand Street Map V.8
You would like to waiting or not? Please inform me.

Best Regards,
Piyamas W.

Question ?= are there relevant differences betweeen the maps,? How to find out?


Nov 10, 2003
Don't know about the quality as the map is not out. However, if you have a Garmin GPS you can only load Garmin compatible maps like the ESRI Thailand City Select map or other Garmin compatible maps from for instance MapCenter 1 and 2.

On the other hand, Tele Atlas is also the company which is working with Garmin to make a Garmin GPS map for Malaysia and Singapore (available from Garmin for the US market). Garmin now is also selling the Garmin/ESRI map for the US market for 119.95 on an SD card (see: ... .jsp#price

This price is considerable lower than what ESRI itself is asking for so wonder what ESRI will sell the map for here in Thailand (version 8 coming out this month).
Oct 17, 2006
very helpful hint indeed to avoid foot traps. The link suggests that Tele Atlas is incompatible with Garmin 276c.
Guess I will be traveling 80% on country roads, no desire to venture into Bkk.

So ESRi is it then ??