Another exhaust for my CB500F

Discussion in 'Honda Big Bikes Thailand' started by Changnoi1, Dec 24, 2013.

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    One of the most ugly parts of the new CB500 series is the huge & heavy exhaust. Even before I bought the bike I knew it should be replaced. Not for the "better" sound, but for the looks, weight and size. So it should be a small exhaust and not too expensive as it is actually just a gadget for the bike.

    I did find TieMocyc who is selling Leo Vince exhausts. After some great & straightforward pre-sales I ordered a "Leo Vince GP Corsa" (aluminum) with steel slip-on. And not only the pre-sale was great, also the sale. I was told exactly when it would be send and I paid by ATM the 7000 Thai baht. And it was also send at the day & time that was promised, received copy of the EMS and I could track the package via internet. Within 3 days the mail arrived in a Leo Vince box, complete with instruction and everything.

    Installing was 10 min work (that includes the 5 min work to remove the old exhaust). Everything did fit exactly like it was meant to fit. I had the only problem that I have installed a centre-stand and for that you need to welt a stopper on the exhaust (did that on the original exhaust). So after installing the pipe I went to a "header shop" and he made me a O-clamp from strong steel to put on the slip-on, and it is so big that it works as a stopper for the centre-stand. And that for 40 Thai baht and 10 min work. I love Thailand for that kind of things.

    Just made my first ride with the new pipe and it works good, no vibration and it all still stick together after blasting 120 km/h. With the "DB limiter" still installed the sound is only a little bit louder as the original pipe. I assume my neighbors will be happy about that, later I will try the sound without it.

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    Cool. I would like to see it but it doesn't come up on Your Link so if you have a Photo please show?
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    Trying to show photos



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