Another GT Rider down (but not out)

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  1. Last weekend it was Nat at the Speedway track (get well soon mate!) and now yours truly has to admit to joining the club. Yesterday afternoon I was out racking up the miles on my new Bonnie in anticipation of it's first service this morning. I'd travelled north out of town on the 107 to Chang Dao and then cut across to Phrao on the 1150 - a great scenic road with no debris or "catch you out" corners. Gas up at Phrao for the trip back to town.

    I'm 5km south of Phrao at about 5:15 on a straight section, minding my own business and generally enjoying life when suddenly the peace is interrupted by the sight of 3 kids on a small motorbike pulling out about 10m in front of me - no indicator, no looking e.t.c. No chance of avoidance so it's crash, bang, wallop - Pikey and the Bonnie make heavy contact with the rear end of their bike and we all go for a slide down the road. Ouch!!!

    I'm reasonably OK, just a bit bashed and bruised, same for the 3 little feckers on the other bike. But the Bonnie - oh my beauty, how sad you look :cry: The list is long but includes bent forks, dented petrol tank, busted clocks, torn seat and numerous scratches and dings mainly down the left hand side.

    Am off back to Phrao today with the good folks at Niyom to get the bike and get the damage assessed - photos will follow. I hope I can get some $$$ out of the family of the blind little git who was driving but as they look like they don't even have a pot to piss in, it might be down to my insurance company.

    One last thing - I was wearing a Dianese jacket, Roof full-face lid and Alpinestars gloves so damage to me is limited but it would be a very different story judging from my kit if I was one of the t-shirt and flip-flop boys.

    Cheers & ride safe,

  2. Jeff
    Bloody hell mate. So soon. It always happens when least expect it eh? But good to know that you & the 3 kids are ok.
  3. It really is amazing just how fast road conditions change especially in the country. Little used roads seems like they always expect there will be no traffic and don't bother looking.

    When it goes bad it can happens in times frames you cant do a darn thing about.

    Hope you and the bike recover quickly
  4. HOLY HELL. So Sorry to Hear that Mate i can't Believe it and it was such a Stunner the New Bonnie! Unlike the Others i have NO Feelings or Compassion for any of the Shit Heads who Ride :twisted: All who Wobble around, Pull out without looking, Ride Under Age, Multiple people to a Bike etc etc deserve what they Get :evil: If they Did that to Me if i could Get Up they would be in Serious Condition and I would Probably be in Jail :!: Some of the Mongrels Look and Still Pull out and Some Wobble around at 30kmh are more Dangerous than the Maniacs. Hopefully you can pick up some Parts in England if Triumph here can't get it done fast. Sorry again Mate. :cry:
  5. Jeff, gee mate, so sorry to hear about your mishap, so may gt-rider have been coming down lately.

    Glad to hear you are not badly hurt, and hope your Bonnie 'gets well', real soon.

    ps I believe another GT-Rider came down the other day, but will leave it to that rider to explain later.
  6. Jeff, sorry to hear about your Bonnie..Good to know that you came ok pretty Ok, thanks to the riding gears.

    I nearly had the same thing when I came back from Krabi weeks ago. The SiKao road to Trang is one of the best. It has long sweeps and runs for miles with minimum traffic...then in one of these long sweeps, I caught a blur image of a cub (also with 3 kids astriding) coming out right at the apex! My bosch horns went to work at full blast, I counter-steered and banked hard to the right side of the road and narrowly missed ramming these kids heads on!

    Luck was with me as there wasn't any oncoming traffic...
    It was close...but these kids were still smiling! :shock:

    The dangers of riding in third world country...GT riders must also look out for these silly kids on small bikes in Malaysia country roads!

  7. You know the truth is you havn't ridden much if you don't have one of these story's, like em or not they are out there.
  8. Kill the little buggers and ride away.

  9. Your probably going to be exhausted by the end of the day :lol:
  10. Glad to hear you r okay Pikey, sorry to hear about the bike.
  11. Thanks to everyone for the best wishes (needed for the Bonnie rather than me!). As promised, here's a few pics:



    Hmmm, doesn't the front wheel usually point in the same direction as the headlight?


    Check out the speedo - only 483 miles from new! Still had the little bobbley spikes of rubber on the tyres in places!


    Damper rod of the rear shock is bent - Rhodie, what's the phone number of YSS? :wink:


    Off to the Niyom Phanisch hospital for reconstructive surgery!

    I'd just like to say a big thank you to Niyom/Triumph who pulled out the stops to get things moving quickly and if anyone is thinking about buying a Triumph from them, their customer service is spot on.


  12. Glad to hear you came out of it unscathed - thats the main priority - but sad to see a lovely new bike looking like that - very depressing!!!
  13. Holy sh!t Pikey... couldn't you have done it on one of the hire bikes at least, not your mum's new Bonnie...

    I hope that your insurance covers you to get the bike fixed up good as new and on the road again soon...

  14. Sorry to read of your misfortune....and glad the accident only resulted in scratches, bruises and road rashes. Except for the Triumph, which evidently needed to be carted to the intensive care ward.
    It worries me whenever I read/hear of a bike accident, as I've _yet_ to have one and am constantly reminded that it's not 'if you'll have one, but when'.

    One thing Pikey didn't mention was if the injured kids or their parents were now demanding a ridiculous amount of reparations from the 'rich' farang?
  15. The parents were actually pretty humbled as they realised that it was their kids fault - BTW, the kid driving was only 11 YEARS OLD!!!

    Unfortunately, this is my second accident in 3 years in Thailand and only my third in 28 years of riding - that tells tyou something in itself about riding here. The other accident was with my XJR1200 when I got sideswiped by a pickup - their fault but the "rich farang" had to cough up 13K baht for the privilege of her crashing into me. So, I stuck to my guns this time and the cops e.t.c all came out on my side.

    Actually, after the paperwork was done thursday night, it turned into a very surreal evening. Phrao cop shop has a large compound and the cops were playing footie when we arrived. I came back from the hospital (where after 5 attempts, they told me that the X-ray machine was not strong enough to go through thick farang tissue so I didn't get my shoulder/collarbone checked out!) and at about 9pm, karaoke started up and the coolboxes of Chang & Sangsom appeared. Pretty soon it was a full on party with everyone taking turns on the karaoke and swilling piss like it was the last day on earth. They tried getting me to sing and dance but given my battered state, I kindly declined. I did have a few beers mind, and left at about midnight with a happy glow on. T.I.T :roll:


  16. hope you're feeling better Pikey.. its the worst feeling seeing your bike all injured, dented and scratched up. must be even worse as its someone elses fault.. and its a kid.. so you cant punch them in the face! hope they get a stern talking to and the bikes on the road again soon enough.
  17. Just read the news. So glad you're ok but grieving for the Bonnie ! Hope both of you are fully fit really soon. Very best wishes T + V.
  18. Hi, Friend,

    Happy for you, only metal....As someone says... keep the Power One and Good Luck, you are with us for X'Mas !
  19. Sorry to hear about your wipeout. What a bummer...your new bike :(

    When I wiped out the Harley this spring, there was only two cutting me off. Now three....o ohh, hope this is not a trend ...

    I say "Kill'em all - Let God sort them out" :wink:
  20. Always happens when you're on your new bike doesn't it. Bit of a nasty way to get a reminder of what country we are in and the ned to be alert for the unexpected.
    Good to know you weren't hurt too much and it'd be interesting to hear the final outcome, if there ever is one regarding payments....
  21. Pikey. I was looking at a copy of a MCN (May 2007) and there was an article about a guy who had upgraded his Bonnie. He had fitted the entire front end of a Speed triple so he had a 17 inch front wheel and twin discs. He had even fitted the clocks, twin lamps, hanlebars and cowl. He then had put on a pair of Hagon Nitrous rear shocks(20mm longer) and a modified rear wheel from a ZXR400. The whole bike looked good and would probably handle and stop well. If you want the article I could drop it in town somewhere.
  22. Jeff - Prayers for your Bonnie and like all, glad your bits are intact.

    An upside to this crashing business is now its great time to modify the bike :D .
    Best of luck.
  23. Plastic and steel don't bleed. Glad to hear you are OK and the bike will be better than new in a few weeks I'm sure.

    :D Now that's what I call a "break in ride" :D

    See you in Chiang Mai again soon.

  24. jeff soory to hear that ..anyway pls take care jeff.
  25. Having just had a wee scrape myself and sympathise with you mate.
    I wish you a swift recovery and hope for that the insurance pays out for you without a hitch.

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