Another Mae Hong Son loop, Golden Triangle Route 101 t


Feb 15, 2009
First I did the usual loop: ChiangMai- Pai - MaeHongSon - Mae Sariang - Chomthong - ChiangMai.
It was just as good as all the reports here suggest.
The bike was a rental CB400 from Mr Mechanic. No problems apart from the chain getting progressively loose ( might have been my riding style, since it did need to have its throttle heavily twisted at time... :twisted: )

I encountered some drizzle on the first day, to Pai, then rain ceased and I experienced none for the rest of the month ( so my rain gear was wasted weight and space!! :roll: )

This route has been well described many times, but I may post some more pix up later. Meanwhile here's a map. Not as handy as the GT-Rider printed version (which was INVALUABLE), but gives you an idea of where I rode.

Along the way, I made side trips to Ban Rak Thai, and Doi Inthanon

I also discovered a nice guesthouse at Chomthong, on the way back to ChiangMai ( see )

After a couple of days recovery in Chaingmai, which luckily coincided with Loy Khratong, I headed to the Golden Triangle. First stop: Tha Ton. That evening I discovered Loy Khratong wasn't finished. I didn't have to go riding to Hill Tribe villages - because THEY all came to town that night to parade and party!! A great lucky fluke!
Next day, I saw the Golden Triangle again. Last time I was up there was in 1978 - it has certainly changed!!
This trip was slightly marred by having hired the same bike, only to find the chain again going loose, and the rear tire now having a slow leak. Nothing too serious, just a matter of monitoring each day. On the positive side the Mr Mechanic people were negotiable around me hiring for several days.
Over to Chiang Khong, down to Chiang Rai, and eventually back to Chiang Mai.
A bit more recovery (especially for my kidneys, after travelling too fast over those concrete slab highway sections!!), and I took David's advice, and sought out the brand new BLACK ER6n that Mr Mechanic had just gotten in. I realised just how new when I hired it and found it had only 9ks on the clock and no rego plate!!.
With the rego papers under the seat, I hit the road to Sukothai, operating on the theory that a bike should be run in FAST! :twisted:
After an appreciation of the ruins I headed up Route 101 to Nan (again following David's advice) What a great road to ride on a fast bike!!! Fan-bloody-tastic!!
I owe David a beer for that advice! (Next year, mate)
After some excursions out of Nan I headed back to ChiangMai.
The ER6n was great for the job, and only slighty overdue for its first oil change (1100 ks on clock when I returned it). Being big new and black, of course it turned heads wherever I rode it!!
The route I took:

Wanting to save return luggage weight, I donated my helmet (old-ish but better than what they loan) to Mr Mechanic when I dropped the bike off.

Will I be back? You bet!! Probably with several mates!!


Feb 15, 2009
And here's some of the reasons I'll be back:

The road ahead, to Pai
(yes, that's a GT-rider map in the tankbag)

A typical mountain corner

( not my beer there...)

Kilometres of jungle highway



Buddha's and pagodas:



Some tidy roads and the weapon for carving them up:



but most of all, the people and their celebrations:













Feb 15, 2009
:roll: Somewhere on the ride between Sukothai and Nan. I was grabbing location coordinates of photos via a pda gps, which managed to reset itself before I got to do a back-up!! Next time I'll use the more robust pencil and notebook!!!!! :oops:
It's very new...still under construction..even the donation bowl array...and I think the monks were very gratified that a falang had stopped to check it out. Built on the side of the highway: obviously meant for visitors rather than beginners in meditation!