Another Newbie G'day


Feb 15, 2009
It'd be rude not to say G'day, since I've joined and am busy mining your great site for info on a likely motorcycling trip around October/November (which I gather would be OK weatherwise).
As for myself - done plenty of backpacking round Asia over the years, and plenty of road riding in Australia. Guess it's finally time to blend the two!!
You'll find me hanging out regularly on, since I ride a Suzuki SV650S. Seems from research so far they aren't available in Thailand - any chance of a DL650 rental?..or what would be an available equivalent?


Nov 2, 2007
G'day and Welcome Oldbloke,

Oct / Nov is good weather ( in the north ) - The bikes you ask for you can buy new but very expensive and takes to long to land them here maybe 3 to 4 months. Rental shops have the new Kawa ER-6N 1300B or KLX250 600B per day maybe cheaper for a longer rental period.

Cheers Ken


Oct 15, 2006
Khuang Nai

Welcome to GT pages and information Highway...
like you said here is A LOT of info from every corner of thailand,Laos,cambodia and Vietnam,, lads are spread around and would you have (and i think you do) any questions,, please do not hesitate to ask and also USE "search" button, located top right corner ofthen,, as most of the questions are already askedanswered already.

Im sure you wil enjoy what ever ride you will find and ride in and around thailand or this region.

Again, warm welcome and let your journey begin and HEY,,almost forgot,, when you do some riding in anywhere please do share it with us and post some pictures to us for "laugh" or smile,,,they are always so much fun to see....


Aug 24, 2008
Mate, did the tour November last year. If you can, wait till after the 1st week in Nov to guarantee the weather. We went from the 8th till the 23rd and it was perfect. Top of 25 during the day and down to low teens overnight. Rode during the day with a R-Jays mesh jacket, Draggin jeans and hiking boots, summer gloves. You will need a light jumper for the evenings. We had Honda 400's and they were OK for 1 up if you get a good one. Always looking for some more power, but they were OK. We also had a support vehicle for luggage which was good. The 650 would seem an ideal size bike for the country up there. I am happy for any questions on [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]