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Discussion in 'New Members' started by palexxxx, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. G'day,

    Just joined a few days ago and have been learning a bit already reading various threads.
    I'm still in Aust. (Bendigo, Vic) but hoping to make the move to LOS early next year, so might see you on the road sometime in the future.

  2. Look forward to meeting up Peter. There are quite a few Australians in Thailand and of course up North here in Chiang Mai where all the Great Riding is!
  3. Gday Peter.

    I rode a few events at Bendigo Motorcycle clubs track at Ravenswood in my younger days, which was one of the best tracks in victoria at the time. Is it still there?

    See you in Chiang Mai when you arrive.

  4. ^ G'day Rex, as far as I know the Ravenswood track is still there. I hardly ever go past it as when I go to Melbourne I go the back way through Strathfieldsaye via Lake Eppalock and then to Kyneton.
    Yes, I'll see you guys in Chiang Mai as that's the part of the country that appeals to me the most, although I haven't been over there yet, but just what I've seen on this and other forums. My brother lives in Khemmarat, Ubon Ratchathani which apparently is an altogether different world.

  5. btw, I wish a moderator would push the magic button for me so that I can post on all the threads. I've already posted on a couple but until a moderator gives me the 'all clear' the posts don't come up.

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