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    Sunday 9th October
    Charoen Motor Yamaha had their final dinner party thank you night.

    1. End of their big bike test ride demos. Plenty of bikes to ride


    It was also presentation time from Yamaha to Thailand's Olympic winners. FREE one Yamaha Fino & one Yamaha Nuovo Elegance.


    Then all the guys & 2 gals who sensibly participated in the rider training course, received certificates.

    There was also superb food, provided by the Imperial Mae Ping plus free Singha beers. As well as some light entertainment to keep up the boys attention.
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    Yamaha Charoen Motor you're doing a fantastic job promoting motorcycling & building up the biking community. Indeed the competition is going to have a seriously hard time to catch you.

    It was also good news to hear that the XTZ660 Tenere might be coming to Thailand, once the bike is "re-tuned" in Japan to meet Thailand's strict emission / homologation laws.
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