Any 2014 info on crossing from Vietnam into Cambodia with bike?

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  1. I've searched the forums and haven't found anything with details on how to do this. I have a passport and the blue card that came with the bike. Do I need anything else to get out of Vietnam or into Cambodia?

    Any current insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, how do I avoid hassles driving a Vietnam plated bike in Cambodia?


  2. I'm still trying to work out the reverse :happy4:

    Coming across into Cambodia is no problem it seems - most people park the bike under a tree while doing the border thing then walk across. The blue card may be needed if asked.

    Not yet a hassle as many Vietnam plated bikes here already - a mate has been riding one for 8 years with one fine and that wasn't for the bike. Currently legal to have VN plates I believe but last weeks newly passed traffic laws may change that in 6 months time.
  3. What are the new traffic laws you speak of?

    Viet cars crossing into Cambodia usually have to pay US$500 as a "deposit" from what I've been told by reliable sources. Very few enter as a result and in all my years of travelling in/out of Cambodia and to/from Vietnam via Cambodia, I have only rarely seen Vietnamese cars inside Cambodia, except a small number in the border town.

    Cambodian cars however are ubiquitous in southern Vietnam.

    No idea about bikes though. This is a bike forum, but most of my experience with crossing borders in this region is with cars, not bikes. Anyway, I don't think there would be any great hassles riding a Viet bike inside Cambodia, that is, once you're inside the country. But that's assuming you have no problems bringing it in. Many people on this forum claim it's not a problem though.
  4. Small bikes don't need much to cross the border, roll on the border and fill papers.

    Big bikes do need now paper from tourist department (Caravan paper) and are not allowed to cross without it.. well, there is exceptions to that but legally no.. and while you might get out ,you would face problems trying to enter the country.
  5. Well ..... Just got back from Cambo on a 7 day trip on my 650cc V-strom ...

    Entered at Koh Kong : Usual export formalities leaving Thailand, but in Cambodia, they didn't even ask about the bike which we obviously turned up on.
    While in Cambodia : maybe we were lucky as didn't get stopped so can't say a lack of "import" docs or insurance would have been an issue or not.
    Left at Poipet : Again, no-one even bat an eyelid when we rode out, but of course, checking into Thailand correctly was important.

    Not saying this would happen to everyone, every time, ..... but last month, that was my experience.
  6. Entering from Thailand to Cambodia should be easy.. This is not the case when it comes entering Cambodia from Vietnam.. :(

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