Any budding Movie Stars???


Dec 6, 2005
I just saw this on ThaiVisa (very slow day at work)... ... pic=104574


For those that dont know the new Rambo movie is being filmed in town

I thinks the plot line is about how he escapes from Spiceys

So on the lets gets famous part, they are looking for extras to play Tourists as the ad goes "Cauceasian, Asians" all ages "adults & children"

They are doing a few days filming between end of Feb - April

I went down today and you just fill in a form and they will contact you if needed

Until Feb 10th Mondays and Fridays only 10am - 5pm, Chiang Mai Grandview Hotel, 24 Chiang Mai Lampang Road

They told me if you get accepted you will get paid anywhere from 1200 - 1500B a day
Not that its about cash just seemed like a fun thing to sign up for

Hopefully I am not repeating another thread but just havent seen it posted previously

Just thought I would mention it, as I cant remember the last Hollywood blockbuster I was in and will happily settle to be tourist no 504



Nov 5, 2003
This Bad Boss has a 1200? RT, a Royal Star? and a CB1300

He beat you to it.

This guy has a CBR150
The going rate is about 10 times what you quoted but it is sporadic.
Apr 10, 2006
I'll be an extra if I get to do a scene sitting at a bar with poo yin suay all around me.

Hope if they have any bikes in the movie they do a better job with the sound editing than they did in the first Rambo instalment 'First Blood'. I love watching the movie but it loses all credibility for me when he gets on a XT250 that makes an unmistakeably screaming 2 stroke engine sound. Same thing happens in Terminator 2 when the young John Connor is on an XR80 being chased by Arnie on a Harley and the XR80 sounds like it's been dubbed over by a CR80. Millions of money to make a movie and they cant even get a little thing like realistic engine sounds right.