Any budding Movie Stars???

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  1. I just saw this on ThaiVisa (very slow day at work)... ... pic=104574

  2. This Bad Boss has a 1200? RT, a Royal Star? and a CB1300

    He beat you to it.

    This guy has a CBR150

    The going rate is about 10 times what you quoted but it is sporadic.
  3. I think this is for people as extras, not for their bikes...
  4. Those two guys are the stars, not extras
  5. I'll be an extra if I get to do a scene sitting at a bar with poo yin suay all around me.

    Hope if they have any bikes in the movie they do a better job with the sound editing than they did in the first Rambo instalment 'First Blood'. I love watching the movie but it loses all credibility for me when he gets on a XT250 that makes an unmistakeably screaming 2 stroke engine sound. Same thing happens in Terminator 2 when the young John Connor is on an XR80 being chased by Arnie on a Harley and the XR80 sounds like it's been dubbed over by a CR80. Millions of money to make a movie and they cant even get a little thing like realistic engine sounds right.

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