Any interest in a riding club in the Udon area

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  1. my experience has shown me there are a lot bike riders in the Udon area. Group rides are fun, but it's difficult to organzie rides just simply because we don't know how to contact each other. I actually thought about starting a forum for Issan riders, it's free to do but I just learned how to turn this thing on

    But maybe just an e-mail list to notify guys of planned rides would work just as well. We are heading into good riding weather and lots of events for rider over the next four months.

    Well let me know if you got any interest and maybe we can something going.
  2. Ray; take a look here if you like;
    (it,s dutch)
    There are some motorbike lovers in this area as far as i know.
    Also every year there is the udon bike "week".
    last year i was there and there where a lot of bikes with there owners, sport and chopper bikes.
    For 2007 it will be 27 and 28 january, maybe you can come take a look if you like.
    Rgds, Rene.
  3. Ya I was there as well, lots of riders in this area there was a meet in Nong Khia last weekend, didn't make that one I beleive it was the first they had and to well advertised.

    I just think guys woudl get together more if they knew that rides were planned the guys I ride with will probably start being out and about at least every weekend, now that the cool weather is coming.

    I was trying to stay away from the shops and keep it on basically a community level. Maybe get soem communication goign between the different clubs here in Issan. Nong Khia has a group and does Kahn Kean and Surin. Might be nice to hook up once in a while for short rides.

    I'll try the site


  4. Ray, we are a few riders in Korat, mainly off road but also street riders. Also hard to get everyone together at the same time, most of the guys are in and out of the country during the year. Maybe just a small gathering for a local ride as a warm up?? Everyone is interested but nobody wants to organise a trip as you can't satisfy everyone.What do you want to achieve?
  5. It's intersting we have had rides with three bikes and as many as fifty just day trips checking out the country side. All were fun, but as you mention is is hard together up people. For a long time it wa a standing Sunday ride. That was with a local Thai group, but they have fallen by the way side a little bitterence about business.

    There were about ten farrangs in that group and I believe another group farrnags tried to get something started as well, not sure it ever got anywhere.

    Along with the timing there is the ridinbg styles some guys like it at 160, me I have an ancient old 750 that I baby so 90 and a 100 is enough for me.

    I posted a thread in Thaivisa and go two reponse but not from the Issan area. The told me of a group in Khan Kean but not contact info. So add lorat to the list, and the group in Nong Khia. If I ever get some contact info maybe we could find a weekend ride somewhere in the general area, or for that matter even a day trip. Just to hook up and tell each other lies. It might be a start.

    We recenty spent a weekend in MKP what a gerat little town, w were there for the illuminated baot festivel now that is something worth seeing. We were in the truck as we had guest with us. Probably best rained like cats and dog.

    Uttradat Dam is another great place and I believe you can camp out there.
    Whats missing is the way to communicate with eachother and come up with some rides.

    By the way I checked out the forum looked great but I can't read Dutch.

    Oh well I will keep poking along and see what happens, hey I'm retired in Thailand, I think I can fit it in the schedule[:)]
  6. Ray & Harri
    If it is a help to you guys I dont mind setting up an Esarn forum on this board, so maybe you guys over there will get together a bit more, start posting more stuff & doing more rides?
    What do you think - yay or nay?
    Anyone else got any ideas?

    Keep The Power On
  7. Ray,
    I was at the Nong Khai bike night on Saturday with 20 or 30 riders from my area. It was actually their 9th Anniversary meet and was well attended. I will post a report in a couple of days. We are a 5 hr ride from you so no use for outings.
    Cheers, Peter

    "The Journey is the Destination"
  8. David Yes plaese do.

    I will post info about it on the local forums so guys can start checking it when it's up and running Thank You

    I was in Nong Khia Saturday and saw some of the riders. There should be lots of day rides that would be fun to do.
  9. Ray
    You're on, take a look at the bottom of the board.
    Let's suck it & see. I hope you guys put it to good use & make positive contributions for motorcycling in Thailand.
    But please no slagging each other off about bikes or personalities. I don't like that crap and "we" dont need it if we are to build up a motorcycle touring community.
    Good luck to all you Esarn riders.

    Keep The Power On
  10. Hello ray,
    I am new to Udon, and will be back next month, November. is there any decent big bike shops in udon.

  11. Ralph; Yes there are some, but from one only i know its exact location.

    Udom lemthong, thanon Prajak.
    Walk from the railwaystation into town, about 300mtr on your right handside there it is.
    Some sport and chopperbikes, ask for a man named: Jimmy.
    Good luck!
  12. Hello Rene-s
    Thanks for the info, I will for sure check it out.


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