Any land rover fun in thailand?

Sep 11, 2007
just a thought... i have just left the UK, where i left behind my two favourite toys... My KTM 250exc and my 1972 SWB series 3 land rover.

anyone play with land rovers over here? are there more about in CM than in BKK - so far i have seen 2 discoveries, and 1 109CSW in Krabi, but thats it..

there is also someone driving round bangkok in a mini clubman with land rover stickers on the doors.

I know it is expensive to import foreign cars here, but land rovers are special, and i would have imagined seeing more, especially seeing as how many thai people have fully off-road prepped hi-lux / samurai / fourtraks?


Nov 5, 2003
Lots of off-road action in LOS. There are the "serious" off-roaders who have jacked up Samurias, old Jeeps, some Land-Rovers etc and there are also off-road "rally" (sic) guys in new Hiluxes, Tritons, etc. The rallys are more akin to M/bike Endurance events. TIP. For rallies you buy a new truck already modified by financing it. After one year you sell it to someone who is willing to pay a percentage of the extras and take over the payments. That way all it costs is the down payment, 12 month's payments and say 50% of the extra stuff. Then you can start again?

You should be able to find them by going to any 4x4 shop. If it is Land-Rover specific you are after I can ask around
Sep 19, 2006
There are Loads of Old Landrovers here in Chiang Mai, Nearly all have been Re-powered with Jap Diesel Engines. The Garage here in Mae Rim Runs a Fleet of them for Tourist Treks etc. All are Long Wheel Base. There are a few Short Wheel Base models owned by Farang for Private use here as well. They have a Jeep Club here also but basically Thais only with Suzuki's so unless you are Fluent in Thai not much Fun. I have a Suzuki with some work done to it and was going to have some fun with that but couldn't find anyone to Go with so stick to Motorbikes and My Off Road Buggys on occasion.
Back in NZ my Mate had a short Wheel Base Land Rover fully Worked for Off Road and Won the Lead Foot Rally 2 or 3 times in it. Worked Ford 351 V8, Auto with Electric Overdrive. American Diffs with Detroit Locker Rear and Limited Slip Front, independent Brakes etc etc. Would love to have a Toy like that here!!! Good Luck.
Cheers Ian.
Jun 21, 2006
Down here in Phuket we have a garage that modifys more land Rovers than any other type, always an assortment parked out in the road.

you want to send 'bushpilot' an email, he has a heavily modified Land Rover with a lot of Toyota running gear down here on Phuket