??????????any riders out there??????????

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  1. ?????????????????????????ANY RIDERS OUT THERE?????????????????????????

    That there are many bikers in northern Thailand is beyond question.
    That there is a significant number of members who participate actively on this site is equally unquestionable.
    That the number of monthly views of this site is constantly & impressively increasing has been indicated by 'Admin'.

    In the month just past (April) there was a grand total of 5 reports of trips undertaken in northern Thailand during that month (5 more I conceed than I could find anywhere else on the web). The weather had cleared, those who complained about the smog were suddenly freed to ride, events of considerable interest were well publicised............

    Has there been a serious epidemic in Thailand of which I am not aware?
    Have the petrol pumps run dry?
    Has all that northern Thailand has to offer been fully riden by all?

    Vietnam awaits the living!
  2. I really do think it has been too hot. Whilst I know a lot of guys have been out riding to stop & take photos in 40 Celsius heat with your riding kit is a bit of a very hot sweaty drag.
  3. My last outing on two wheels landed me in the hospital with heat stroke... :oops:

    This is as far as my "trip report" got before I passed out ;)

    Another Kawasaki Enduro Clinic kicks off tomorrow morning at the Siam Red Bull Enduro Park, followed by racing in Sunday.

    Fook me it's hot today!!! [h=4][/h]
    • post-56035-133497955171_thumb.jpg

    561928_10151544196850710_508210709_24032761_592364  677_n.jpg

    Passed out from the heat and was taken to the nearby hospital where my body temp was pushing 40 degrees and they told me I was suffering from borderline heat stroke! sick.gif

    (Technically your body temp has to exceed 40 degrees for it to be heat stroke, but I had all the other symptoms including heat rash, muscle cramps, nausea, dizziness, rapid pulse, etc.) Did you know that untreated heat stroke can kill you!?! blink.png

    dam_n it was HOT yesterday! There were a few other guys who quit, but I was the only one who had to go to the hospital wacko.png

    Ice bath and IV weren't much fun, but at least the nurses were cute wub.png

    I think I'm going to have to avoid mid-day dirt biking during the hot season. Mornings and late afternoon are generally a lot cooler. Getting old sucks! bah.gif

    It was a proper clinic with instructors from Siam Enduro Club. They had 5 "stations" set up, each for a different skill.

    Station 1 was jumping over obstacles, like trees, rocks, etc.

    Station 2 was descending and climbing steep hills.

    Station 3 was "riding through a big hole" and then over a wooden bridge on a pivot.

    Station 4 was jumps

    Station 5 was cornering on berms, ruts and off camber turns.

    Alas I only made it through the second station before I passed out sad.png

    A little tour of the Siam Red Bull Enduro Park:

    Ride On!

    Tony :happy2:
  4. Hi Rod,
    Back in OZ making money,
    Thailand: LOS (land of smiles)
    Oz: LOM (land of money)
    See everybody soon.
  5. Hey bombdefuzer, time to write that trip report on the MHS loop.
  6. Also have to mention the good old faithful Songkran festival, which for many of us means our big bikes stay safe at home for 5 or so days. Very little real rain this month and the high temps mentioned means that the heat from the Tarmac alone seems to increase the faster you go, the 'wind chill' effect becomes a heating , not a cooling one. Still just passed the zenith and the maximum power of the sun will decline here slowly, hopefully that and a few showers will lead to riding temperatures nearer to 34 or 35C which are more tolerable. Quite a few heading by various routes to Mae Hong Son on Friday 4th, so hopefully some reports to follow.
  7. Hey there Tony, take it easy & dont kill yourself if possible. Get well soon.
  8. Ditto from Vietnam, Tony; stay well.
    Feejer's recent post from VN shows many are suffering here also from the heat.
    It makes for some great reading once we're all back out there which looks as soon as this week-end up in northern Thailand.
    'Cool' riding to all!
  9. Wow Tony that would be very tragic .... survived Thai road rage but killed by the heat!
    Drinking water, water and water ..... that's all I do these days.

    Indeed much to hot for a ride .... stopping at a traffic light feels like sitting in a BBQ!

    So it is time for a big service check, taking of all the fairing & cleaning the all bike, new tyres and preparing for another longer tour.

    Chang Noi
  10. I'm am in sunny Florida enjoying some great late 20's weather with my bike tucked up in the shed at home. Not missing the Thai heatthis time of year thats for sure. I didn't miss sorng kran either!

    Glad to hear the sun is passed it's peak, I will be home in a few weeks hopefully. I the mean time I am filling my bags with goodies here!
  11. You're not alone in Thailand - here in Vietnam yesterday it averaged around 42 degrees in central VN. Along the Hai Van Pass some 30ha were destroyed in a wild fire where firefighters were concerned it may reach an American ammunition depot from the American War & even the Lien Chibu Oil Depot. Sa Pa in the now drought declared north reached29 degrees, the highest temperature there since records started 55 years ago.

    The efforts under the circumstances to those who got out & posted reports & photos last month led by ianyanok, bungy & others as well as feejer who posted from VN without photos in one post is greatly appreciated, as is Tony's report showing the risks of riding in such extreme conditions.
  12. Im in road/sun withdrawals now. Been 10C and wet here every day but one. Only been on the bike(s) one day since back, but it was a good day. When you bounce around on a little 10HP, 125cc bike for 3 weeks and then get back on the FZ1 & FJR with perfect pavement under you.................:) Makes one appreciate the simple things again we take for granted.

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