Any Riders who can just pick up and roll?

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  1. Know a lot of guys with big bikes in the Udon Area, but they have a lot of problems when it comes to riding. Either they have to work almost every day or every day every month to remain here, or their wives/gfs won't let them go, or they don't have the money (or some other issue) that won't let them go.

    I'm looking for a few guys who enjoy riding and aren't running a race to get where they're going -- unless dodging weather, or bad traffic, etc. Guys who enjoy the ride and don't mind breaking the trip up to stay overnight somewhere interesting, and then move on the next day.

    I can pretty much go whenever and wherever and have stayed gone for as long as 10 days before returning to the Udon Area. I've even been known to take in two bike rallies on consecutive weekends (Hua Hin and Krabi as an example) and just stayed on the road in between them. I have a cruiser and pack for the duration.

    If you're interested, I'd enjoy meeting you and riding.
  2. I know what I'd do...... and I did it 18 months ago, after living in the Pattaya area for 15+ years....... move to Chiang Mai!

    There's a lot of bike clubs who put a lot of miles on the road, but most are based down Pattaya way.

    What d'you ride? Where ya from? How old are you? D'you drink? D'you chase women? All relevant points when choosing riding buddies.
  3. I'm open for suggestions. Retired and love to ride. Are you in Udon Thani? I'm in Nakae, Nakhon Phanom province.
  4. Wow. Just got notified via email today about these posts. LOL I've been every damn where since.
  5. It probably pays to keep an eye on the forum.
    But good to know you've been everywhere since.
    Where'd you go - how good was it - any tips for the best places & roads/ rides.

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