Any thoughts on flying in my R1200GS

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  1. Hi,

    I am coming over to spend some time out in Thailand, I have the options of flying over my GS or spending a similar cost to the flight on buying a bike out there. A couple of questions for those out there:

    Do you think it is to much? Like a bit pretentious or something? I don't know if it is overkill or if I should have something more low key.

    Do you think it would be more of a target for theft that a less conspicous bike?

    Does maximum third party insurance out there include theft?

    Thanks for any thoughts on this


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  2. Hi,

    You'll need to say more about what you want to do while here for others to make some good comments. But as far as a BMW itself is concerned, we have an 1150RT and a 650GS converted with Dakar forks and 21" front wheel and Love them both. 33,000km on the RT in the past 8 months...and friends with the 1150GS or the 1200GS like them as well. No theft concerns and the BMW service in Chiang Mai is excellent.

    But a rented 250 would do the job just as well if you are riding one up and allow for greater flexability for on and off road exploring.

    David and Mai
    Chiang Khong
  3. Hi,

    The current vague plan is to come out 4 6 months to a year depending on how much fun I am having. I aim to spend several months touring around stopping at places for a while then heading on somewhere new. I want to vist Cambodia, vietnam and Laos. Generally looking for an on the road adventure with long relaxing breaks and lots of taking it easy.

    My bike is great, had it a year and done 18000 miles and now starting to get used to it. It handles really well and is very comfortable. Whilst not the best it does have full OEM luggage so I would save money there.

    I was concerned that getting it serviced out there might be an issue. I have seen the service shop here and the computers you need to relabriate ABS even after a change of pads or wheel and was not sure that was available there. I will have just had it service but if I decided to ride home would need to be sure that I could get it sorted there. Do you have a www for the service place.

    I have looked at a few of the bikes for sale and would prefer a larger model perhaps even an older GS1000 if I could find one, so the cost looks like being more than flying it return or a fly drive arrangement depending on cash etc.



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  4. Some comments:

    1. If you bring in a bike, it comes into Thailand for 30 days, then must go out and come back.

    2. BMW has a dealer network, with bikes sold and serviced at car dealers. Currently in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Pattaya. So it is factory service.

    3. New BMWs are expensive. You can go to the main BMW site and follow the links to Thailand. Latest list price on a new F650GS is $14,000 USD.

    4. You cannot enter Vietnam on a big bike. Only up to 175cc.

    5. There is one insurance company in Thailand that will sell you theft insurance, but only for a new bike.


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  5. Thanks for that.

    Bearing what you have said in mind I think I have a clearer idea of what to do.

    As I am coming to Thailand to try a different life and simplier life perhaps I should leave all the trappings of the west behind and take my journey on simpler transport I am sure the adventure will be just as good if not better, perhaps more in keeping with the culture and pace of life.

    I will keep any eye on the message boards for bikes for sale and see what comes up.

    Perhaps, depending on how I much I enjoy it there, I will think about the GS thing again in the future.


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  6. Or buy my bike, a perfect condition 2004 1150 GS Adventure. Please let me know.It is for sale at 350,000 baht. Robert

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